Mi Home (Mijia) Roborock Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2 White
Mi Home (Mijia) Roborock Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2 White

Mi Home (Mijia) Roborock Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2 White

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    Portable and the smart household device that will become a great assistant for cleaning the house. To compare with the previous model MiJia Roborock Robot Vacuum Cleaner it became more effective and fast with improved battery capacity (about 5200mAh).The Mijia  Roborock  Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2 combine two functions that will allow firstly sweep the floor and after that mop it.

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    Xiaomi Global Community 01 Sep 2020

    Hello fatih! On behalf of Xiaomi Global Community, we recommend you to contact the seller and describe the issue.

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    fatih 31 Aug 2020

    i need change charge station in my room. how can re set device in map. i change it but , when i see it in application, i can see it oldest location

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    RUTH 22 Dec 2019

    czech manual, thank you…….

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  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Xiaomi
    Model Mi Robot
    Type Vacuum Cleaner
    Dimensions 353×350×96,5mm
    Weight 3,5 kg
    Suction (pa) 2000 Pa
    Rated voltage 14.4V
    Rated power 58W
    Features Suction,Sweep, Mopping
    Batteries type Li-ion
    Battery capacity 14.4V / 5200mAh
    Working Time 2.5h
    Wireless connections Wi-Fi
    Charging Dock Dimensions 151mm x 130mm x 98mm
    Rated power 42W
    Rated Input 100 — 240V ~
    Rated output 20V 1.8A
    Rated frequency 50 / 60Hz
    Color White
    Package 1 x Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum, 1 x CN Plug Adapter, 1 x Charging Dock, 1 x Water Tank, 1 x Mopping Pad
    User manual PDF -
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    Xiaomi Global Community 01 Sep 2020

    Hello fatih! On behalf of Xiaomi Global Community, we recommend you to contact the seller and describe the issue.

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    fatih 31 Aug 2020

    i need change charge station in my room. how can re set device in map. i change it but , when i see it in application, i can see it oldest location

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    RUTH 22 Dec 2019

    czech manual, thank you…….

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    JOSEF 22 Dec 2019

    Please, add CZECH language to the app...

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    Stephen Tan 09 Nov 2019

    Thinking of buying gen 2 that can sweep and mop. Does it do both at the same time? Or it has the complete the sweep first then mop at the second round? Which model can sweep and mop in one operation?

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    GK 20 Sep 2019

    Hi, i recently linked my roborock S50 to my Tmall genie, after linked, the roborock apps/interface reverted to older version, no mopping & virtual wall could be selected, mopping function become not possible anymore. I tried to unlink it, reset the roborock to factory default, uninstall Mi home apps, reinstall all over again, sadly, doesn't help at all, I still getting the old version of the apps/interface without the mopping & virtual wall functions. Does any one experience this problems before? Please help! Thank you.

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    Alistair Pelly 11 Sep 2019

    We have had our RoboRock for a year and are very pleased with it. It has stopped working now because of error 1. It is possible to toggle the laser head so I suspect the motor is the issue. How do I get hold of a new motor to toggle the laser head?

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    Denis Greenberg 25 Aug 2019

    How safe is the laser? What if pet or baby crawling look into it?

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    Mohamed Bedwiehy 29 Jul 2019

    Hello team , Can I use this device on Carpets ? or it is just for floors and smooth surfaces ?

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    JURIS 04 Jul 2019


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    John Marston 31 May 2019

    Purchased in January 2019 and it is as good as I had hoped....BUT recently there was a software update and since then the robot can become confused and miss parts or clean the same area multiple times especially where there are obstacles such as chair and table legs. My son also purchased one and he too has problems where it will leave the base, travel about 2 meters, turn around a few times then stops. A great mechanical product but software updates have been a downgrade in performance.

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    JC Jensen 27 Apr 2019

    Just bought this, as it was on sale after the release of the successor the T6 series. I see that a lot of the issues that have been a problem for users in the past is now solved. I had no problems registering the Roborock S50 in the Mi Home app set up with Denmark as the region, meaning that most EU countries should now be covered. In the map overview the Edit option at the top right of the app gives easy access to both add and remove barrier tape as well as No-go Zones easily drawn on the map. Its only issue seems to be that it is still not possible to set one map for vacuuming(where you would like carpets to be included) and another one for mopping. Voice packs are still mostly Chinese, the default is an English female voice, and voice packs in Italian, French, Spanish and German has been added. Only issues I have had is that the EU power cable included was very short, just one meter reach from the base, and that it has troubles with climbing some obstacles meaning that not all rooms are accessible for the robot vacuum. I do however imagine that the problem can be solved with mats reducing the hight difference and giving the robot better traction at the area that gives problems.

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    Gaute Lund 08 Apr 2019

    Hi there. It would be very fun to be able to contribute other voice packs/languages. Firstly, my language of Norwegian is not there. Secondly, e.g. in Tomtom navigator you can create custom voice packs. I used to have Ozzy Osbourne. It would be fun if users could contribute "alternative" voices to choose from.

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    Ben 04 Dec 2018

    Hello, My s50 is loosing energy very fast in standby mode. Is this a a bug or a failure? How does the failed appear: I position the robot on his dock, I wait until the battery is fully charged, I remove the power cable from the doc, –> after some hours I check the batterie of the robot via the iPad app and have to see that the battery have lost most of its capacity. Can you please fix this unnecessary consumption of energy! Thanks and best regards Ben

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    wess gilpin 18 Nov 2018

    I have had this vacuum for less than 1 year and it has become useless. I ordered from Amazon. After it starts it says "internal error reboot system" literally every minute or so and just freezes up. There are a lot of people online having the same issue. As far as I know there is no fix and I threw $650 down the drain for less than 1 year of use. Beware of this issue when you make your purchase.

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    Rolf 18 Nov 2018

    Dear Xiaomi Team, I purchased the Roborock S50 in April 2018. I am complitely positive about this cleaning device. Last month I bought a second one for my parents ;-). With the last firmware update it is possible to set "no-go-areas" and "virtual walls". This is a very nice and helpful feature. In my case I am using the S50 in different levels and I am using the mopping function once a week. So I have some wishes for future firmware updates. It would be very nice if it is possible to configure different cleaning setups. E.g. "Vacuum clean ground level": With a stored map of this level "no-go-areas", "virtual walls" and/or "cleaning zones". The same for other setups as "Vacuum clean upper level", "Mop ground level" (other no-go-areas my be added because of carpets - and other "cleaning zones" with multiple clean-up times. Not all rooms may be wanted to be mopped all the time ;-), etc. No I am waiting, using this great tool, and hopefully with one of the next firmware updates my wishes will come true... Kind regards Rolf

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    Xiaomi Community Team 09 Oct 2018

    Hi Mikkel! Your review is literally the best of what we have read today! It really useful and fascinating, keep going!

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    Mikkel 04 Oct 2018

    I purchased the Roborock s5 for my 80 year old mother. Bar a few annoying lacks of features and couple of situations where I had to give her some onsite support, it has really been a great little household application for her. She likes to follow the little sweeper on her mobile phone every time she orders it to vacuum her floor, and it has been a big relief for her to get this robotic help around the house. Before I installed it at her apartment, I also tried it out in my own home. My mum's place is quite tidy, but in my flat the robot was put to test. Surprisingly it even handled the teenagers mess. Or handled is perhaps an exaggeration. But it passed the test of not getting itself tangled in school bags, clothes and stuff lying around the floor. It did vacuum one of the legs of a pant lying on the floor, sniffed around a bag, loose blanket, and a few boxes blocking it’s way, but soon found out that this room just isn’t for me, and skipped out of there. Who can blame Roborock? I sure don’t vacuum in there before the kid’o cleans up his mess a bit. Around the rest of the apartment this little piece of Chinese machinery handled it self quite impressively, navigating systematically around chairs, tables, pc-bags, and in and out of half open doors. I wondered if it would lock itself inside our bedroom if I only opened the door slightly, the theory was it would bump the door closed once inside the room, but it only braced the door ever so slightly and found it’s way out, no problem. Even around the rowing machine we never use, it vacuumed with no problem. A couple of slippers got moved around just a tad, but otherwise, it was more gentle around most of the obstacles then I ever have been, flapping the vacuum cleaner around. So what’s the cons? There are undeniably a few drawbacks you should consider, all thou not nearly as much as I had Imagined. Loose chords, long shoelaces and the like, may get wound up into its roller. At my mother’s place the Roborock grabbed a sewing thread and ran away with it. And thrust me, a sewing thread may be loooong. Also a loose Iphone charging chord got wound up and having grabbed tight, the Roborock tried to run away with the entire extension it was connected to. I also had to strap up a few chords from under her bed, and under the TV furniture, and she has to make sure a couple of corners with cable salad is blocked off by a chair before she starts the vacuum. So it’s not as if you can be a complete idiot about it and just let it run, with no preparation or adjustment of your home (although I did try, just to see what happened). A performance issue is the Roborock’s rather limited ability to handle thresholds and carpets. At both my own flat and my mother’s apartment, it struggled a lot with medium thick carpets. The trouble isn’t vacuuming them. Roborock vacuums carpets quite well. But the rather simple task of climbing on top a medium thick carpet is a problem. Although it should be an easy task based on the power of the drive, It seems the anti-crash software somehow prevents the Roborock from making a sufficient push to get on top the carpet. It circles around the edges and sometimes finds an angle where it is ok with making the climb up, and sometimes not. As the machine have no problem getting down from the carpet, it leaves the carpet only spot cleaned. Also the Roborock may get stuck underneath a sofa or a bed, if it climbs over a carpet to get there, but can not find a way back up on the carpet after having gotten down from it on the other side. Roborock got stuck under my mothers bed a few times because of this, and I had to move the carpet in front of the bed a bit away to make sure there was a passage out on the sides. At my home, the Roborock also crashed itself onto the floor-stand of a living room recliner. It climbed up the horizontal legs, and got stuck between them, making a nasty sound before it eventually stopped. It didn’t sound healthy at all. You may create a fence for the Roborock using some pretty nasty looking black tape rolls, but who wants that in their living room? I cannot understand why the makers of such machines have yet to come up with some sort of discrete tag to put on the base of, let’s say a chair or lamp, to signal that this particular piece of furniture is off limit. This brings me to a vital lack of feature in the programming. While the app is equipped with a “spot clean” function where you can draw a square in the electronic map and make the Roborock restrict it’s vacuuming to that specific spot, what you really need is the opposite. Draw a square or three, where it should not go. That would make a great feature, and I don’t really see how it would be a problem, given that the programmers already have implemented an ability to direct the vacuum to a certain spot in your apartment. Ad a feature for telling the machine where a carpet is (it's ok to go full throthle here, little fellah), and you would be a long, long way towards perfect. One more drawback, related to the same programing, is that the map of the apartment keeps getting blanked out, making the Roborock redrawing it again and again. E.g. when the dust bin is emptied, the robot is manually moved away from the dock or a firmware update is installed. This is no real issue in ordinary cleaning, but it makes the spot clean function pretty useless, as would it with my proposed “keep away” and "this is a carpet" functions. A function to save the map, is in other words much needed. Finally, the app itself sometimes causes a small headache. Installing it to a wireless router left bumps in my head … (the wall is not actually made for banging a head into, btw.). As the app sometimes loses connection with the Roborock (or actually the other way around) for no apparent reason, causing me to having to reconnect the Roborock to the router … leaving me with more bumps. My tip to anyone making household appliances or apps or both: Give it to your mother. If she can’t install or operate it, go back to the drawing board. Connecting a device to a router should be a really easy setup imho. Yet so many vendors fail in creating a simple GUI for that particular vital task.

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    Thomas 29 Sep 2018

    first, please add german voice pack and a complete german language to plug-in - and second fix the european app-access. It dosen´t work. I can´t create a Mi - acccount.

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    puppydawg 25 Sep 2018

    I am in the US, and you need to be on the Hong Kong Server, seeing this is not on the American server. After I did that, it works well.

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    Ofer 09 Jul 2018

    Software Wall instead (in addition) to the "Invisible" magnetic Wall - since Xiaomi already has the Zoned Cleanup, it will be very helpful if it will be possible to define through the application a permanent cleaning zone(s) or "wall"s that instead of taping the floor with the (not very aesthetic) magnetic tape

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    Pieter 29 May 2018

    Hi, so the Mi Home app updatet as a reaction to GDPR in europe. Now we HAVE to select europe as location (while before people selected mainland china to bypass the connection problems). And as a result it doesn't work good anymore. Now it's almost all the time "device offline". Please fix this issue as fast as possible!

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    Javier 20 May 2018

    Xiaomi has to sell this robot vacuum cleaner officially in Spain. Many Spaniards want it.

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    Walter 19 Apr 2018

    Plese, add italian voice pack and a complete italian language to plag-in

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    sp angel 04 Apr 2018

    Please, add spanish language to the app...

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    aya yaman 01 Jan 2018

    i received the robot yesterday and it is not charging looks like from the dock please help it has 1 year warranty came with a fault

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    aya yaman 01 Jan 2018

    my mi robot 2 is not charging at all help!

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Mi Home (Mijia) Roborock Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2 White
Mi Home (Mijia) Roborock Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2 White