Xiaomi Ecosystem

Xiaomi Ecosystem is a large network of smart devices that bring the future to your door. The company applies most recent technologies of manufacture and works with the most sought-after industrial designers to provide you with long-lasting and stylish-looking gadgets that make your life easier.

Xiaomi itself strives to contribute more to the world’s tech development and to improve the existing technologies. It is among the most active investors in local start-ups that the company not only supports financially but also helps them to the position in the market. In the course of 3 years, Xiaomi has provided assistance to more than 70 start-ups. As of the beginning of 2017, the hottest of them got a $1 billion valuation and went international. The full list of Xiaomi’s subsidiaries can be viewed below.

It should be also mentioned that Xiaomi has its own crowdfunding platform — a starting point for up-and-coming companies that want to make a difference in the world with their innovative inventions. Since the platform has accumulated more than 2 million users in China alone the ideas the young brands promote are turned into reality faster.


MIUI Global Xiaomi department, responsible for software development and maintenance. Download Presentation





Mijia a company that creates technology, sensors, and accessories for a smart home.





Mi Community Ukraine  is an official Ukrainian community that helps Xiaomi smart devices and other gadgets fans get acquainted with the products of the ecosystem — www.c.mi.ua.





ZMi Xiaomi’s supplier of power banks, batteries, and chargers. Download Presentation





RoidMi smart car technologies for a safe and comfortable ride. Download Presentation





COOWOO manufacturer of car accessories: chargers for mobile devices, electric lamps, speakers, etc.





HuaMi certified Xiaomi partner, who produces smart bracelets and smart scales.





AmazFit smart and stylish bracelets made by HuaMi.





XiaoYi smart cameras, action cameras, video recorders, security cameras etc. Download Presentation





1MORE certified Xiaomi partner, who develops high-class sound systems. Download Presentation





RunMi smart suitcases, running shoes, clothes and accessories, produced under a brand „90 points”.





QiCYCLE smart, comfortable and stylish bicycles to cruise around town. Download Presentation 1, Download Presentation 2





ZSH designer and manufacturer of 100% cotton items. The company aims to promote cotton towels production process to a brand new level.





LUMi — smart sensors and free „Smart Home” app guarantee safety and comfort in your house.





XGiMi home cinema projectors for a super-sized entertainment. Download Presentation





8Н (Eight Hours) — smart sleep devices to make those 8 most important hours of the day as restful as possible.





Ninebot self-balancing scooters and monocycles for adventurous rides around the town.





Huahuacaocao smart plant care gadgets from a company who learned to speak the language of plants. Download Presentation





Yeelight — smart, unique and wireless technologies to witness a  magic of the light. Download Presentation 1, Download Presentation 2





Viomi  — smart water purification devices to provide clean drinking water for you to enjoy its true taste. Download Presentation





iHealth  — smart tonometers take charge of your and your family’s health.





iCHUNMi  — smart kitchen appliances to cook like a chef.





Yunmake young vendor of smart bicycles and scooters to get around town. Download Presentation





Soocare  — smart dental equipment to create a beautiful smile and improve oral health. Download Presentation





Kingmi smart and safe power extension cords.





Shanghai Science and Technology Co.





Yueme Beijing Yue Mi Technology Co.





Wowtation advanced portable screwdriver genius. Download Presentation





Purely  develops ultramodern air-purifying masks with active filter and inbuilt fan. Download Presentation





DOCTOR·B vendor of Dr. Bass toothbrushes that have a more efficient bristle construction. Download Presentation





UMA  young and stylish company that provides smart urban transport solutions: bicycles, scooters etc. Download Presentation 1, Download Presentation 2





IdeeBank company with innovative and creative ideas in smart technology. Download Presentation





Showmeplus manufacturer of the light-weight running shoes FreeTie, the technological umbrella Pinlo, and many other useful accessories.





FreeTie lightweight running shoes with an improved streamlined design, upgraded sole unit, and great control.





QCY high-quality Bluetooth-headset production.





Pinlo an incredibly compact and lightweight umbrella to protect against rain.





Thinkskey smart devices for monitoring and improving sleep quality.





Move It gave the world its first all-in-one mobile smart gym. Download Presentation





Kiss Kiss Fish manufacturer of thermos flasks with OLED-display. Download Presentation





Weloop manufacturer of the stylish innovative smart band and smart watches.Download Presentation





Yi Wu Yi Shi manufacturer of chopsticks, cutting boards, household appliances, daily necessities, and many other goods.





TS (Turok Steinhardt) manufacturer of polarized nylon sunglasses with effective protection against ultraviolet radiation.





Jolie Home manufacturer of high-quality bedding in gentle tones.





Fine Mading manufacturer of luxury cups from elite porcelain.





Tonight the development and production of textile products for the home (pillows, blankets, etc.)





Guildford manufacturer of high-quality covers for smartphones.





KACO manufacturer of fountain pens and gel pens, as well as other office supplies





MITOWN the developer and manufacturer of sports goods, compression linen and other.





Yueli  manufacturer of the portable ionic massage comb