Mi Home (Mijia) Electric Scooter White
Mi Home (Mijia) Electric Scooter White

Mi Home (Mijia) Electric Scooter White

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    MiJia Electric Scooter was born with a simple design, where every detail works for the comfort and ease of use. In order to provide the most comfortable and exciting riding experience, the scooter has been given a solid construction with a folding design, a long stable handlebar and pneumatic tires that absorb bumps. And all you need to do to wake this road monster up is push a button.

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  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Xiaomi
    Model MiJia Electric Scooter
    Type Electric Scooter
    Material Aluminum alloy
    Weight 12.5 kg
    Tire size 21.60 cm
    Motor size 15.20 cm
    Maximum speed 25 km / h
    energy-saving mode — 18km / h
    Travel distance 30 km
    Maximum torque 16 Nm
    Rated motor power 250 W
    Chassis height about 87.5mm
    Energy structure 18650 high-power lithium batteries х 30
    Charger rated power 71W
    Charger rated input voltage 100-240V ~, 50 / 60Hz
    Battery charge limiting voltage 42V
    Charging time about 5 hours
    Standard power consumption 1.1kWh
    Braking distance Up to 4 meters (at a speed of 20km/h, the temperature is about 20°C, the load is 75kg, and the tire pressure is 30-35PSI, which is measured on the dry and flat asphalt pavement)
    Braking method regenerative braking + disc brakes
    Front lighting 1.1W high brightness lights
    Rear lighting LED light
    Tire material inflatable rubber tires
    Optimal height 120 ~ 200cm
    Maximum load 100kg
    Protection class IP54
    Color White
    Package MiJia Electric Scooter x1
    Manual x1
    User manual PDF — 
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Mi Home (Mijia) Electric Scooter White
Mi Home (Mijia) Electric Scooter White