10 Xiaomi Ecosystem Products Under 10$

Xiaomi Ecological chain counts many brands, which produce different products for our daily life. Here we gathered 10 products that cost less than $10 and which are affordable to everyone.

1. LERAVAN Portable Massager

Price: approx. $9

How often do you feel the fatigue after a hard working day? Portable massager by LERAVAN is perfect for acupoint and meridian massage to relieve muscle tension. The X-shaped design of model makes it easy to hold in a hand. There are four colors available to choose.

2. YIYOHOME Fly Swatter

Price: approx. $7.5

Summer is the most active period for mosquitos and flies. Have you ever seen more elegant mosquito swatter than this one? The image of Mona Lisa is clearly seen on the grid of the fly swatter. The device has a stand, so you can put it on the table and it will stand like a decorative element.

3. Viomi Filter

Price: approx. $9

This device is a must-have for every refrigerator. All you need is just to put it in your refrigerator and it will keep the freshness, cope with bacteria and neutralize the odors.

4. 90 GOFUN Drawstring bag

Price: approx. $9.5

The light small bag is made of anti-scratch and water-resistant material. If the design seems boring for you — just turn the bag on the other side. Therefore, in one bag, you will get two — blue and black.

5. MITU fidget building blocks

Price: approx. $8

A small set of building blocks that can be assembled in a cube or any other figures. Just put it in your pocket and enjoy the game wherever you want.

6. CIRCLE JOY Wine Smart Vacuum Stopper

Price: approx. $4

The stopper maintains the necessary vacuum level and the wine will taste good even after seven days. The stopper rotates so the user can select the necessary time for storing.

7. MOESTAR Bottle For Dogs

Price: approx. $9.2

The dog lovers know how important is to have fresh water for your dog during the walk. MOESTAR bottle is a 270ml capacity bottle with an accompanying cup. The bottle has a lock, so you should not worry that the water will be spilled. Your dog will be happy to get a fresh portion of water during the walk.

8. Xiaomi Piston In-Ear Earphones

Price: approx. $6

This model is corded earphones with a built-in microphone. To compare with Bluetooth earphones they will never be discharged. They fit the devices with 3,5mm audio output.

9. Mi Bunny Silicone Ice Cube Molds

Price: approx. $5

How about adding some creativity to ordinary drinks? These Ice Cube Molds in a shape of well-known Mi Bunny can help you with it. You can add a small frozen Mi Bunnies into drinks or even make small chocolates or desserts. Freeze your favorite juice, add some berries and you will get a homemade Popsicle.

10. Xiaomi 10L Backpack

Price: approx. $7

Classic backpack for sports, traveling and daily needs — small size, large capacity, and durable zipper. Three pockets: one main pocket and two additional. Different color variations — everyone can choose the perfect one.

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