100% UV Protection with Turok Steinhardt Sunglasses

In recent years, our bodies increasingly suffer from the destruction of the ozone layer, which prevents the excessive penetration of solar UV to the Earth. Large doses of ultraviolet radiation increase the risk of eye diseases. Ultraviolet has a sufficient damaging effect and can lead to eye diseases such as photokeratitis (sunburn of the cornea and conjunctiva), cataracts and others. Turok Steinhardt Sunglasses in: Gray, Gold and Blue colors.

There is an opinion that any sunglasses protect the eyes from harmful UV radiation for 100%. But this opinion is absolutely wrong! If the glasses don’t have a polarizing (converting color), photochromic (dark in the bright sun) or antireflective (absorbing glare) coatings — they are not worthy of your health and money!

The Turok Steinhardt Sunglasses lenses are made of a transparent polyamide material, which is often used in making cosmic masks for astronauts, and the Japanese polarized film, which has multilayered protection, an enhanced polarization and realistically transmits the entire color gamut. The degree of protection of such lenses is significantly different from the protective coating lenses and guarantees complete safety.

According to the national standard of the PRC GB10810.3 of 2006, UV-protected lenses should not pass more than 5% of ultraviolet radiation. Standard lenses for sunglasses are divided into types:

  • UV400: wavelength of UV radiation 400 nm or less — allowable transmission of ultraviolet is 2%
  • UV: wavelength of UV radiation 380 nm — allowable transmission of ultraviolet is 0.5%

Turok Steinhardt Sunglasses have the maximum level of protection. They absorb UV radiation for 100%. They will save the health of your eyes not only in the sun but also in the mountains when bright light can cause dizziness and eye problems. They are indispensable for car drivers — reduce eye fatigue, allow you to see a clear and vivid picture behind the glass.

The nose pads are made of food grade silicone material that doesn’t irritate the skin while being soft and pleasant to the touch.

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