4 Simple Steps to Unclutter Your House (Not Without a Help of Xiaomi Gadgets)

Do you want to have a lot of useful space and a minimum of useless things in your house? If yes, then here are a few simple steps on how to unclutter your house and keep it always clean.

Step 1: Remove unnecessary stuff

It is difficult for us to bid farewell to things for several reasons: they may have cost you a pretty penny or they are in excellent condition; you love them a lot because they are your links to good people or places; you think that you can use them in the future, etc. However, you probably heard people say that in order to gain something new, you must get rid of something old. If you are one of those who give up on belongings with tears, just imagine that instead of what you have now you will be blessed with something even better.

This is a short list of what you can through into trash right after reading this article: a broken coffee mug, a toothbrush that has long been replaced with a new one, old shoes, and jeans that you hope will be back in fashion, a few kilograms of your college papers and books, expired drugs and make-up, etc.

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Step 2: Do daily quick cleaning

Most of us do this way: once a week, mostly on weekends, we run a cleaning marathon. After that, we literally have a feeling that we have run a marathon. This time we offer to go off the beaten track and spend 10–15 minutes every day (in the morning or before bed) decluttering your house: return clothes to their closets, recycle mail in your computer and smartphone, put away kitchen items out of sight, clear bathroom surfaces etc.

Stay ahead of the clutter by doing a light clean up every day and you will spend the weekend on the concert or out of town and not in the company of a vacuum cleaner, wet rag and in clothes that seem like they have been borrowed from the Ghostbusters.

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Step 3: Avoid impulse buying

Impulse buying is what a lot of people do. There are several explanations why we buy things that we will probably end up at the back of the closet: numerous sales, limited offers, our inner concern to avoid feeling bad in the future about not buying something etc. Lucky are those who when they see the sparkling price-tag or an attractive offer can still think rationally. For those who usually get into the marketing trap, we advise to do the following: if you want to purchase the item ask yourself a series of questions as: “Will I certainly use this thing?”, “If I do not buy it right now will anything change in the future?” etc. If after such a storm of questions you see that this thing is unnecessary you will leave the store with a clear conscience.

Step 4: Keep your closet organized

Easier said than done, right? But if you really want to spend less time searching for things (sometimes in places would have never ended up in) or having a clear understanding of whether a particular piece of clothing, for example, is fresh and clean or is already waiting to meet the washing machine, get neat and organized!

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Living in a chaos of things brings a lot of discomfort. So may you have in your house not only the stuff that you need, may it be few, but it will all be updated, qualitative and constantly functioning.

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