7 accessories for Xiaomi Yi Action Camera

Yi Camera — is a low-cost action-camera from the Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer. A pocket-size case, good specifications, and a great price are what highlights this action- camera from its direct competitor GoPro. In addition to the device itself, there are different accessories available for extreme sports fans.

1. Waterproof Case for Yi Camera

Is a thin, see-through, plastic case, which prevents moisture from penetrating in camera. This means that with this accessory, you can swim and dive. Yi Camera operates in rain or snow — and so do not fear for its safety.

Also, there is a special attachment on a plastic cover that allows you to mount the camera on different surfaces.

2. Silicone Case for Yi Camera

Just a common silicone cover, about the same accessories, are available for smartphones. It is made of a thin and elastic rubber, securely fits on the camera and protects it from small water-splash or dust penetration.

Available in different bright colors for those who likes to stand out, as well as in classic black and white.

3. Fixing strap for Yi Camera

This accessory allows you to securely mount the camera on the human body (or pet). A similar system is used in a famous GoPro.

4. Hand mount

Similar accessory to the previous one, but is worn only on the wrist, and it is worth the same — $ 9.99. It has a nylon strap and a special fixture for Yi Camera.

5. Lens cover for Yi Camera

Looks like a cap for a bottle, a special cover designed to protect your camera lens from dirt, moisture, and mechanical damage.

Available in 3 colors — blue, black and white.

6. Head strap mount for Action Camera

Unusual accessory allows fixing Yi Camera on the head of the owner, it allows hands-free shooting for example when going for led walks, or skiing.

The strap is made of nylon and a special plastic.

7. Bicycle or motorcycle mount

A special attachment that allows you to securely attach Yi Camera to the vehicle such as the Segway, motorcycle or bicycle.

An excellent solution for those, who likes to take pictures of their achievements in extreme sports.

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