7 Facts About Redmi 3 by xiaomi-mi.com

1. Despite the index “3”, Redmi 3 is not the third smartphone in the Redmi lineup

The smartphone has got an index “3”, which means “third generation” in Redmi name, however, this is not quite true. The smartphone is not the third in a row, the release history of the Redmi budget line is: Redmi -> Redmi 1S -> Redmi 2 -> Redmi 2A -> Redmi 3. Thus, Redmi 3 is the fifth smartphone in a series of affordable Xiaomi devices.

2. Display Resolution

As we know, the diagonal of the display in Redmi 3 has increased compared to its predecessors, but the resolution has not changed. Xiaomi has gone to such a step for the autonomy of the device: the lower the display resolution is, the less the CPU load and, consequently, the power consumption for picture rendering on the screen are. At the same time the pixels density per inch was not severely damaged: in the 4.7-inch Redmi 2, it was 312ppi, and in the 5-inch Redmi 3 — 293ppi. As you can see, the difference is small and almost invisible to the human eye.

3. Micro SD slot mutated, but remained

Usually, all-metal smartphones are deprived of slots for micro SD cards — the design would not allow, placing of one more tray for the micro SD card next to the SIM is incorrect for reasons of aesthetics. Despite the statistics, the Redmi 3 still did not lose a micro SD slot, or rather it did lose, but there is still possible to expand the memory.

The slot has moved into one of the trays for SIM-cards, so users demanding of the memory still will be able to expand the Redmi 3 memory with micro SD cards, by the way, up to 128 GB (!).

4. Three colors of Redmi 3, as in the picture on the box — are you sure?

In the promo image Redmi 3 is shown in three colors, which have already become classic for the past few years smartphones. But that’s not how it works. In the picture we can see the silver, gold and gray (wet asphalt) Redmi 3. Also, in addition to color, on the back side of all three models there is a diamond pattern.

However, there is yet another version of the smartphone — the gold one, which is devoid of pattern and is just smooth. Thus, it appears that Redmi 3 is available in four variations — two gold models, one silver and one gray.

5. Capacious battery

Redmi 3 has a 4100mAh battery, which is almost two times more than in previous model, Redmi 2, which was equipped with 2200mAh battery. Can you imagine how the smartphone autonomy will increase?

6. Camera as in Redmi Note 3

The smartphone has got the same basic rear camera as Redmi Note 3 phablet. This is a 13 megapixel camera with phase autofocus (PDAF), the aperture of f/2.0, which can take HDR photos. As in the previous model, next to the camera there is a LED flash. We remind you that in Redmi 2 there is a camera with 8 megapixel sensor.

7. Just 11 grams heavier

Despite the fact that Redmi 3 has got a premium all-metal body, larger display and size, its weight has become just 11 grams more than the weight of its predecessor in the person of Redmi 2.

At the same time Redmi 3 is even thinner than the previous generation, its thickness is 8.5mm versus 9.4mm in Redmi 2.

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