8 New Features of MIUI 8

MIUI Fans are among the most active Internet users. According to UMIndex company research, 6 of the 10 top mobile phones are Mi smartphones on MIUI. Today Xiaomi releases a significant update of its proprietary operating system — MIUI 8. Presenting your attention the top eight new MIUI V8 features.

“Notes” application

The “Notes” application in the MIUI 8 has an additional option of setting a password on a note, and if your device has a fingerprint sensor you can even set the additional biometric protection for certain notes.

It’s now easy and convenient, and most importantly, all your personal notes are reliably protected.

Energy saving mode

It’s a new MIUI 8 feature, which disables applications running in the background, application updates and synchronization when the battery level is low. This will allow your Mi smartphone to operate as long as possible on the remaining battery charge.

There is also a function in the MIUI 8, which is responsible for identifying fraud and deception of users in the content and applications. This operating system will warn you of deception attempts and will not allow attackers to gain access to personal user data.

Gallery features

The standard “Gallery” application has also been changed, Xiaomi added more options for photo editings, such as adding inscriptions, stickers, and drawings to the photo. But that is not all!

Now MIUI users can edit captured video clips directly on the smartphone in the application “Gallery”. There are now available such features as adding subtitles, music and other things to your video. Also “Gallery” has got a redesigned feature of photos multi-selection for sharing.

Mi Lanting font

MIUI 8 has got a new font to replace the old, it is called Mi Lanting and Xiaomi claims that it is easier for the perception of the user. This font is so convenient that the eyes will not be tired even after 6 hours of reading from the display of the Mi smartphone.

QR-codes scanner and calculator

In MIUI 8 there were also upgraded another two standard applications — the QR-codes scanner and the calculator. Using the scanner it is now possible to identify items in a picture and search for similar ones on the Internet, and the calculator has acquired new features of calculation and conversion of popular quantities.

There’s even a feature that claims to solve “high school Chinese math” problems with just a picture. That’s right, your Xiaomi phone will do your homework for you!

New MIUI 8 lock screen wallpapers

In the original MIUI, there is such function as a carousel of images for the lock screen. Its essence is simple — the user sees a different wallpaper on the lock screen when it activated. In MIUI 8 there were added a lot of new wallpaper pictures, now Xiaomi is working with over 50 partners and content providers for MIUI.

Application colors

Xiaomi designers have reworked all the colors in standard applications, so now MIUI 8 has become even cleaner, clearer, brighter and more youth.

New Application Manager

The manager of running applications in the MIUI 8 now has more options: for example, all the browser windows now are arranged from top to bottom, and all running applications — from left to right. Program windows have become more apparent than shortcuts in MIUI 7. To close the app, you can simply swipe.

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