8H H1 Memory Cotton Pillow –Sleep With Comfort

Maybe everyone of us knows about how important is a healthy sleep. Do you remember this awful feeling when you couldn’t sleep because of inconvenient mattress or the pillow. So it is very important to find your ideal pillow.

One of Xiaomi’s partners — the company Н8 has decided to find an appropriate solution to this problem. Let us introduce the newest pillow with antibacterial effect. It also can copy a shape of your head. Sounds strange? Let’s find it out!

The pillow is not big in a size (50×30×10*7cm with weight about 600g). It not looks like a usual pillow with feathers or fluff.

Influence on spine is very important when you choosing your pillow. New model H8 has a shape of waves and it will adapt to your head shape and provide a convenient sleeping posture (especially for cervical spine). This advantage can also be evaluated by people who work with PC for a long time or have a hard workload during the day. This pillow not only provides you a relax during the night but also hepls you to minimize the pain. It will perfectly suit to people with arthritis or osteochondrosis.

The materials for production are supplied by BASFcompany which works with NASA. The CoolLite technology will provides you the feeling of coolness. The material has a great conductivity effect.

The pillow hasn’t any seams so you won’t have any discomfort with that. The antibacterial characteristics are provide by silver ions. It limites the influence of such bacteries like NDM-1, H1N1 и MRSA.

Pillows with silver ions have an antiseptic, antiviral and bactericidal effects. This composition make them sterile on molecular level and will be perfect for people with allergy. It is also the great prevention of ENT diseases.

The density of materials is 50D so during the sleep you won’t feel any pressure on your head. 8H H1 Memory Cotton Pillow takes an original form in 3-5 seconds.

Can you agree that it is very pleasant to relax after hard working day and put your head on the soft pillow? Bed is a place where we spend 1/3 of our life so we should provide the maximum comfort for it.

With new H1 Memory Cotton Pillow, you won’t change your pillow position 10 times per night to make it comfortable for your head. This pillow will do it for you.

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