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We have already talked recently about the smart blanket, but today we will draw your attention to the cost-effective version of the 8H 3D Seven Holes Blanket.

The warmth of a blanket depends on many complex factors, such as the type of filler, the number of layers and even the method of sewing. If we compare the thermal conductivity of some materials, we will see that the thermal conductivity of the air is 0026 W / m2, of cotton — about 0071 W / m2, of wool — about 0052 W / m2 and of silk — 0.05 W / m2. The thermal conductivity is inversely proportional to heat, so the lower is the thermal conductivity of the material, the better it retains the warmth. However, according to these indicators, the most heat-intensive substance is air. Does it mean that we shouldn’t use the blanket? Of course not!

The air, enclosed in a blanket, remains the air. But the outer cover does not let it cool down. This explains why the 3D Seven Holes Blanket is so warm. Simply its synthetic filler let the air pass through and the outer layer keeps the temperature.

The 8H specialists found out how should the perfect blanket looks like in the vision of most consumers. It should be warm, light, have high hygroscopic properties, and, of course, be affordable for the customers.

The comprehensive comparison of these aspects allows us to make a conclusion: if you want the blanket with all of the above properties, then your choice is a blanket with synthetic filler.

Some housewives dislike the products with artificial filler. In fact, the ratio of the price and quality of such products may outweigh the most serious arguments of the supporters of natural materials. The qualitative synthetic fiber that fills the 3D Seven Holes Blanket has several advantages: it makes the blanket warm, convenient for storing, and suitable for allergic individuals and asthmatics.

The synthetic filler occupies most of the home textiles market — the fact which it is hard to argue.


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