90 Points - a Young Innovative Brand That Doesn't Afraid to Break Stereotypes

RunMi (90 Points) is a startup company created to provide a new level of comfort in things that are usual for us. For example, clothes, shoes, suitcases.Maybe you have a question of what kind of novelty can be in the sneakers or in a travel suitcase. Maybe they’ve changed design or color? No, not really! Everything has changed!Mr. Zhang Su, the 90 Points President, believes that there are a number of products with stereotypes that you can’t change. For example, how many unusual details could be added to clothes or a suitcase, which haven’t already included? As it turns out — a lot! This is how Mr. Zhang Su defines the intention of his company: to introduce innovative changes in products whose concept hasn’t significantly changed for a hundred of years. Let’s look for example at the usual travel suitcase. How can it be modified in such way to meet the requirements of a modern consumer?

  • Can we make it spacious and light?
  • Can we make it durable and convenient to transportation?
  • Can we supplement it with a reliable handle and a special metal frame to protect from deformation?
  • Can we build in a special code lock and make the wheels “noiseless”?

Everything was done. What else?Also, they added a special Bluetooth chip which makes it able to synchronize with the smartphone. It will allow the owner to manage the locks on his suitcase remotely!“How much will this suitcase cost?” Probably the price is a fortune?! Not in the case of 90 Points, because the company’s professionals have made the efforts to make their products not only reliable and innovative but also affordable for the average consumer!What does support Mr. Zhang Su in the development of his young brand? The feedback from users which are carefully collected and studied by 90 Points experts. The data received after such analyses are taken into account during developing of new clothing, shoes, suitcases and other accessories’ lines.The success of such experiment is easy to assess — numerous successful 90 Points crowdfunding companies speak for themselves. Mr. Zhang Su and his team have chosen the right way for development!Take, for example, one of the best suitcases of the brand — RunMi 90 Points Metal Suitcase Silver 20’’, which has recently won the German contest of iF production design. What strengths of the accessory helped him to become the owner of such a prestigious award?

These are:

  •  Stunning design;
  •  “Smart” Bluetooth-lock, allowing the owner to control a suitcase via his smartphone;
  • Case is made of high-quality magnesium and aluminum alloy;
  • High maneuverability (360-degree rotation) and “noiseless” of the wheels;
  • Durable wheels and pull-out handle;
  • Case is reinforced with an aluminum frame, which protects the suitcase from possible deformation upon impact;
  • Spacious internal compartments.

This is the impressive “success story” of Mr. Zhang Su team striving to turn an ordinary classic suitcase into an innovative gadget, while still allowing to serve its main purpose.But this is only one device from the dozens created by RunMi, the Xiaomi department. The smart sneakers, innovative suitcases ...

We wonder what stereotypes will be shattered next by Mr. Zhang Su?

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