90GOFUN Suitcases Took Part In REINEREN Fashion Show

Fashion Week was held in Shanghai, where the future trends of the Fall-Winter 2019 season were presented. And this such an interesting event brought good news for MiOT Ecosystem.

Two suitcases by 90GOFUN took part in the show, presented by the brand REINEREN.

Inspired by mountaineering, the designer of the brand REINEREN wanted to reflect her vision of the independent and elegant women.

In order to make the looks as complete as possible, the design team collaborated with 90GOFUN.

A Metal Black Suitcase and Transparent Suitcase were chosen as the lucky “participants”.

The Metal Suitcase is made of 100% aluminum and magnesium alloy and is able to withstand the loads. The details quality also impresses - the wheels works smoothly and quietly.

90GOFUN suitcase at fashion show

A transparent suitcase will suit people who are not afraid of experiments and like something extraordinary.

Products of 90GOFUN are the combination of exclusive and at the same time simple design, innovations, which can solve potential problems of the user during the trip.

90GOFUN metal suitcase at fashion show

As you can see, this collaboration turned out to be very successful, and the products of 90GOFUN fit perfectly into the overall picture of the designer's ideas.

90GOFUN suitcase at fashion show

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