A First Look at Mi Power Bank 2 20000 mAh

Xiaomi phones’ and smart devices’ popularity stems from their high-quality performance and a wallet-friendly price. As statistics shows, it continues to outmaneuver the well-known brands. And company’s external battery chargers are no exception. Who else can boast of a more than 10 000 mAh charger? But Xiaomi goes even further, launching an enhanced modification of its Mi Power Bank 2. This time it is a modestly sized 20 000 mAh energy tank that can charge two devices at once.

Main characteristics:

  • Size: 35.5×67.6×23.9 mm
  • Weight: 330.5 g
  • Battery type: lithium-polymer
  • Quick Charge 3.0 support
  • 2 x USB Type-C
  • USB input: 1.5А / 12 V, 2A / 5V, 2A / 9V

Most of Xiaomi products are made of PC + ABC plastic. Mi Power Bank 2 follows the crowd. It has a shock- and scratch- resistant tough plastic shell, which makes it easy to carry.

This external battery charger is compatible with any phone brand, including Apple and Samsung. It can rejuvenate each gadget for several times, e.g. iPhone 7 — 7.1 times and iPad Mini 2 — 2.5 times. Its huge capacity should be credited to high-density lithium-polymer batteries by Lishen.

Another real cool feature is that it can charge two devices simultaneously, as it has two USB Type-C ports. It also supports two-way fast charge (when Mi Power Bank 2 can be charged at the same time) and Quick Charge 3.0.

If you need a battery boost for your fitness-bracelet or earphones, Mi Power Bank supports low current charging. As with other Xiaomi portable chargers, this one is immune to overheating, overvoltage and short circuit.

Mi Power Bank 2 can be used in an airplane. In case you did not know, even a small battery is, to say the least, an unwanted object on the plane. Airline companies try to restrict its transportation in great quantities. Mi Power Bank 2 was made in accord with all aircraft safety requirements to be ready to save your „dying” phone during flight.

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