A New Home Decor Product from Xiaomi Launched

How many items can you remember that have not yet been reinvented by Xiaomi? Well, if we make a clean breast of it, there are still a lot of gadgets (and other things) in this world the company can draw inspiration from. Still from Xiaomi already has to offer we can build a really smart hi-tech house. Here is another necessary product for your home, a must-have during this rainy season.

Xiaomi 77+ Dustproof Floor Mat will protect your habitat from dirt and dust and will provide a welcoming feel. Its front-facing side is made of polyamide fibers that are robust enough to easily scrape off residues of dirt and moisture from your shoes. The rubber backing will not let you slip on the mat when you are zealously trying to remove crud from shoes.

The mat is suitable both for indoor and outdoor use and can be placed on any surface including wood floor and tile floor. Xiaomi claims the mat is going to maintain its shape and function for a long time even if you have 50 visitors a day. The mat will stay put in any location and weather conditions, like snow, rain, sun, and wind. Its service life is 5 years.

Fantastic durability for such a frequently used product, right? But there is no trick. The durability of Xiaomi 77+ Dustproof Floor Mat is a merit of its composition. The upper layer of the mat and the rubber base are securely stitched together be means of pressing under high temperature. On top of that polyamide fibers themselves are quite strong, difficult to deform and are not prone to shedding.

Another important thing is that taking care of it is very easy. You can simply shake the mat, vacuum it or wash it with warm water and a detergent.

Xiaomi 77+ Dustproof Floor Mat comes in several colors (blue gray and brown), shapes (rectanglular and halfmoon) and dimensions (90×60cm and 75×45cm).

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