A Simple Example of Imitation of Xiaomi Products

It was discovered, that a group of smugglers forged Piston 2 earphones and sold fakes for 30-40% cheaper than the original. By the way, smugglers have earned quite a lot on this scam. We offer you to familiarize yourself with the comparison of the original and the fake.


*Left — the original, right — a fake

The box in which supplied fake Piston 2 is done poorly, the logo is drawn by inaccurate line. In original all done beautifully and qualitatively.


*Left — the original, right — a fake

The original earphone is labeled with the left / right mark, the fake lacks this icon. Other differences in appearance of headsets are not found.

Audio output

*Left — the original, right — a fake

Original earphones have three thin circular incisions in the 3.5 mm audio jack. Fake also has three notches, but they are thicker and are not as neatly done as in the original Piston 2.

And finally - packing

*Left — the original, right — a fake

Original caps are thin, and fake caps on Piston 2 have thicker holes and ledges. Also on the package in the original model, there is a clip, and the correct labeling of sizes of nozzles S, M, L. Fake Piston 2 does not have clips, instead of marking sizes there is drawn music labels and mobile phone applications.

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