A Taiwanese Star, Jay Chou, Has a Business Interest in 1MORE


You probably have heard about the success of Xiaomi in a field of acoustic technologies. 1MORE Triple Driver Over Ear stands out among its products and drew the attention of one the renowned musicians in the East-Asia — Jay Chou. For the international audience, he may be familiar as Kato from “The Green hornet” and Li from “Now You See Me 2”. He invested in the company’s development and landed there a position of a creative director!

How can we explain Jay Chou’s desire to bind his life with 1MORE headsets more than just using them to listen to music while doing errands or in his recording studio? Maybe he liked the design or he was blown away by its excellent sounding? A topic we find worth investigating.

As soon as we see its stylish packaging whose inner side has a bunch of drawings and schemes of the headset things are starting to get clear for us. Looks like the maker trusts you with the secret of the headset development so, shhh, choose wisely who to tell. The other cool thing is that the headset comes in an oval zip case-box and not just in a plastic clamshell packaging.

The inside of the case is cushioned and the headset takes a whole compartment resting there nicely protected and, by the way, very compact, which is thanks to its foldable construction. The second compartment makes a home for the accessories.

It high-tech design shoos away another hint of doubt as for what makes people flock to it. The underside of its bridge has a soft padding covered with leather, the speaker cups have a wheel hub look and are filled with soft polyurethane foam, and the housing is crafted out of composite materials and follows a black-and-gold theme. Guess, we discovered the fourth thing one can watch forever!

An overwhelming design is just one side of the picture the other being that the headset is exceptionally comfortable. The bridge is stretchable and can be adjusted to the size of your head, the speakers tilt 45-degrees back and forth. The cups will not pinch or hurt after an hour or two of hanging out on your ear.

A truly premium sound comes from a complex of top-notch acoustic components including lightweight and durable aluminum diaphragm, PET frames and a bass reflex system. 1MORE headset also has an advanced noise isolation technology and offers a wide frequency range 20 — 40 000 Hz.

Jay Chou certainly has a good ear for a qualitative sound system, which explains, of course, why he is such a great musician, singer, and composer and why he chose to work with 1MORE. Their pair of cans really is something you cannot but admire and they are one the comfiest pair of cans you can possibly find today.

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