All You Wanted to Know about 90 Points Suitcases — FAQ

The RunMi 90 points company with its variety of products has become an important part of the Xiaomi ecosystem a long time ago.

The company produces a lot of different goods — bags, clothes, smart sneakers, smart suitcases ...Today we’ll talk about suitcases, or rather answer the most frequently asked questions.

1. How to choose the correct size of a suitcase?

We have a lifehack that will help you determine the right size of the suitcase. The thing is that there is a direct dependence on the size of your suitcase on the number of days you planning to spend on your journey. For your convenience, we made a small and simple table.

Take into account these data when you plan a vacation or business trip and need to pick up a suitable suitcase.

Dimensions of suitcase, inches

Dimensions of suitcase, cm

Number of days in the trip













2. What type of suitcase should I choose?

There are two main types of suitcases: hard and soft. The first are more resilient and reliable, they are made of metal, magnesium or aluminum alloys. They should hold a punch well, they are resistant to falling, they have hard edges. You can transport even fragile things in such suitcases, the main thing is to fix them well.

Soft suitcases are made of plastic. Quality ABS plastic is not very different from metal in hardness, but it is breakable and flexible. The strong punch to such suitcase can do a hole or a crack in it.

But not strong hitting, pushing, falling from a low height blanked with plastic because of its flexibility.

Plastic suitcases are cheaper and usually lighter, but they can not be taken under extreme conditions.

Our advice: take a 20 inches 90 points Metal Suitcase (Mi edition).

This suitcase with removable wheels and elegant design became a joint product of 90 points and Mi design concept.

Elegant and practical, it will keep your things safe.

3. How to buy a good suitcase?

Suitcase should be lightweight, durable, protect your things and of course look stylish. Pay attention to the material of the suitcase body, the wheels, as well as the material from which they are made.

The twenty-point 90 points Metal suitcase meets the most demanding needs. The case of the suitcase is made of magnesium alloy, so it is light and durable. The sides of the case and its corners are strengthened with aluminum plates, so the suitcase is not afraid of bumps and falls.

The 90 points Metal Suitcase wheels are coated with TPE plastic, which gives them resistance to waste, reduces noise, softens movement. Also in the wheels are used high-quality bearings, ensuring their rotation without problems for a long time.

The wheels can be easily removed for replacement or maintenance.

The suitcase has a telescopic handle with four fixed positions. It is very tight against its canal, in a long position its fluctuations are less than 10 mm.

From inside, the suitcase is covered with polyester fiber. To fixing things, there are two Y-belts, which can be removed if necessary

This suitcase has many small details that are designed to make it easier to use. For example, on the sides of the suitcases, there are small ledges that make it simple to put the suitcase on the ground. TSA lock will take care of the safety of your things.

4. Why do other metal suitcases cost more than $ 1,000, and 90 points are so affordable?

Suitcases made of metal alloys are worth a lot because they are strong, they protect things, look good, give status to their users.

90 points optimized the production process, so their suitcases are cheaper compared to competitors, without losing quality.

Standard metal suitcases have a smooth surface. The difference of this suitcase that it has a striped design, the width, and arrangement of the strips is calculated to a millimeter for greater strength, and also reduces the area for scratches.

This is an unusual but thoughtful design, and it received recognition from designers and got the IF Design Award.

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