Aller Multifunctional Sterilize Box –Useful Device for Your House

As the baby is getting older, the amount of toys is slowly increasing. At the same time keeping them clean is also becoming harder. Plastic toys are easy to wash, but what about the plush toys, blankets, and pillows? Are you tired of it? That’s why ALLER Multifunctional Sterilize Box will be perfect for you.

On the first glance, this device looks like the storage box. But its functionality will surprise you, especially if you have a child.

The product was launched at MIOT Crowdfunding platform by ALLER Company.

Let’s see what this device is capable of?

Many modern parents have a problem with proper sterilization and disinfection of children toys and other home items. But it is not a problem anymore!

The capacity of the box is 70 Liters, and the working process is quiet. It uses the built-in IonTube plasma sterilization technology that provides the full-surface sterilization.

Every night, when the baby is sleeping, put all the toys in the box, cover, plug in, and select the disinfection time required. After half an hour, all the toys are 100 times cleaner than the same toy on the shelf in the shop. The whole operation is no more than three minutes.

Young mothers can also put the baby’s bedding, clothes, gauze towels, saliva towels, various baby products (children’s pot, tableware set) in the box — you can sterilize everything your child needs.

Especially the bedding products can contain bacteria. Do you agree that it is complicated to wash pillow every day? Just put it in the box to sterilize and say bye-bye to bacteria.

In addition, this storage box can also be used to remove odors from shoes and socks. Or you can put in it your makeup brushes, bedding, cutlery.

The device is really easy to operate. There are three modes available (according to the time). For example, the shortest mode takes only 15 minutes.

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