Amazfit Arc Smart Fitness Bracelet Review

Amazfit Arc is a creation of Huami, a wearable smart tech start-up, that also lent a hand in developing a famous Xiaomi Mi Band line. And this fitness tracker looks like something you would want to wear.


Amazfit Arc comes in a stylish and compact box that also contains a charging cable and a short user manual.


The tracker rocks a rectangular shape. Well, if you want to replace your watch with something a little bit smarter but in the same form-factor, Amazfit Arc is probably the last tracker you need to look at. But if you are looking for something as less traditional as possible the tracker is cut out for you. All-black design is a winning decision. The bracelet is automatically suitable for both men and women and goes with both sporty and business outfits.

It is made of plastic and comes with an LED touchscreen, which supports simple gestures like tapping and swiping. One of the other good things we noticed was that the display would always be turned off until we needed to check stats or time on it. It would not waste battery life, which was its strong side as well.

Amazfit Arc has a black hypoallergenic rubber wristband, which, unfortunately, you cannot change. But the total length of it is enough to fit all kinds of wrist sizes. The device is also lightweight and you barely feel it on your hand.

What it was like to use it

Right from the start we downloaded the Amazfit app to our Android smartphone. The app is iOS-friendly too, but as reported, Apple users will have a little bit narrower tracking possibilities with it. After installation, we added our anthropometric data (weight, height etc.) and synched it with the device. Actually, the tracker can do totally fine if you do not want to connect it to your smartphone. But the app gives a possibility to be informed of an incoming call or message through a vibration on the bracelet.

The LED display despite having compact size was very clear. To activate the display we only had to make a gesture with our hand, like that we usually make when we want to check what time our wrist watch says. By default, it showed current time, but if we swiped/tapped left or right it would show a number of steps, distance traveled or our pulse. Every measurement was accurate as the tracker utilizes a bunch of sensors, which include accelerometer, heart rate monitor and a few others.

Battery life

Onto the topic of battery life, Amazfit Arc performs seven days without a recharge if it is constantly tasked with recording various fitness activities. If you do not use it at all the 70mAh battery can last up to 20 days.

Bottom line

If you have a desire for heart rate tracking, long-lasting battery, and a stylish accessory Amazfit Arc is right up your alley. It still might be missing some elements like waterproofing or at least GPS that fitness beginners, which we think the bracelet is pretty much aimed at, would love. The tracker is capable of helping you meet basic goals so it gets a high recommendation from us.

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