An explanation of the new Camera app for MIUI 6

Not all MIUI fans have the opportunity to meet with the sixth version of the firmware yet.  It is installed only on the flagship Mi-devices.

But the list of smartphones, which comes to upgrade to version 6 is constantly growing.

An Indian MIUI fan shared with the community the details of the updated application "Camera" on the Mi3 phone. 

The main window of the camera changed a design.  It became clear and ascetic. 

There are three sensor buttons below the main screen - Shot, Video and Gallery.

The back / rear cameras switch and flash button are on top.

The second screen contains the six sections of fast mode transition. Another screen - selection filters, consisting of 12 items. 

Let's start with shooting modes.

First - Panorama. The camera takes multiple pictures and then glue them into a panorama image. 

Next - toning the skin. After shooting application will offer you several options of skin toning.. Third - voice control. In this mode, you need to say the magic word «Click», and after a brief pause, the application takes a picture. 

Fourth: an expansion of dynamic range, or HDR mode. The application is not imitation. The device really takes three shots with different expositions and then brings them into a single frame with rich shadows and lights. 

The fifth mode - Burst mode. As our Indian friend said, you can make up to 100 images at one time. True, he did not specify how much time :)  It is a useful feature, especially when shooting scenes of sports or other activities, or at a dusk with trembling hands. 

In addition, it is useful for creating animated gifs :) 

Finally, the sixth mode - Hand Held Twilight. In my opinion, this effect simply raises the level of shadows and highlights. Maybe I am wrong; you may check it in the twilight. 

In Manual mode, you can manually set a Focus, White balance, Exposure time, Aperture and ISO according the scene conditions. 

Filters screen contains many filters, which turn your picture to artwork by one touch. There are Mono, Vivid, Yesteryear, Blur, Fisheye, Mosaic, Dawn, Japanese, Autumn, Indigo, Normal and Mirror filters on it.

Video screen also has some design changes. All functions remain the same. I especially like the timelapse.

There are variety of filters for video, including a completely crazy as, for example, negative. But sometimes it is necessary. 

Generally, there are no revolutionary changes in sixth version of MIUI app Camera, except a change in details of appearance and interface.

A few new items in the settings, a couple of new filters - and all.

Thanks to Mi-Fan matrixbharath for screenshots. On one of them he immortalized himself.

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