Another Best Thing Since Sliced Bread: Xiaomi Aqara Smart Wall Socket

Smart home is gaining popularity these days. Now wonder as it gives a possibility to control home electronics remotely. It can be incredibly helpful when you know you forgot to turn something off. But does not just turning the device off mean that you might still get in trouble as long as the gadget remains plugged into the outlet? Unfortunately, it does mean that. And that is what we always ignore. We somehow find it hard to make another hand movement and disconnect not working devices from the outlets when we are about to leave. Money saving is not the only reason why we should do it. Network overload, old outlets or even thunder can lead to serious consequences.

Luckily, a smart home has that covered too because it has „smart” sockets. Xiaomi Aqara Smart Wall Socket belongs to a smart breed of sockets. It entirely replaces your old one and looks just like it except that it has a manual tumbler switch. This smart socket is crafted out of fire- and wear-resistant materials and there are protective shutters that cover the inputs to keep children safe. Inner mechanism can stand up against overheating. The socket is compatible with various types of devices with a power of up to 2500W, including vacuum cleaners, ovens, ricecookers, coffee machines etc.

You might want to comment that you can find all of the above features in the most high-tech non-smart socket out there. But the advantage Aqara socket can give you is being able to manage it when you are away from home. An ordinary socket will leave you wondering if you turned that iron off or will make you get back home, check everything and obviously be late for where you were supposed to be by that time. Aqara socket can be controlled through a smartphone app from any place. You can schedule its automatic on/off time and monitor power consumption of every device connected to it and see what costs you a pretty penny.

Xiaomi Aqara Smart Wall Socket key specs:

  • Product name: QBCZ11LM
  • Size: 86×86×45 mm
  • Maximum load: 10А / 2500W
  • Work temperature: —10℃ —+50℃
  • Work humidity: 5% —95% RH

The world that we live in right now, with its gigabytes of information coming at us from all the sides every day, constant stress and decisions that need urgent solution, it is natural that something escapes our attention. But if you have remote controlled home devices, just like Aqara Smart Wall Socket, you can keep your eyes on every corner of your house from afar which is extremely convenient.

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