APPOTRONICS (FENGMI) debuted at 74TH Educational Equipment Exhibition

The China Education Equipment Exhibition is a national exhibition organized by the China Educational Equipment Industry Association. After years of work, the Exhibition has developed into the largest and most influential educational equipment industry in China and even the world. The 74th China Education Equipment Exhibition was held in China’s Western International Expo City on 11th-13th May 2018. There were 1,400 exhibitors participating in the exhibition. The number of visitors was about 100,000.

One of the Xiaomi Ecological Chain partner — APPOTRONICS (FengMi) Company also became a participator and debuted on this exhibition.

The exhibition hall of APPOTRONICS (FengMi) was divided into eight display areas. Different solutions that offers company can be provided for the large and small classrooms, lecture halls, etc. The visitors had a lucky opportunity to view the characteristics of the product from multiple angles.

APPOTRONICS (FengMi) has built a large classroom laser projection program that combines a laser projector with a whiteboard, flat panel display, multimedia processing, network transmission technologies. Configured with a high brightness and long life light source, the brightness can reach 5500 lumens or even higher, normal brightness can be achieved even in large classrooms, and there is no need to change the light source during the lifetime of the projectors.

APPOTRONICS (FengMi) laser projection program provides teachers with more convenience. Traditional educational projectors are installed at the top of the classroom. Teachers sometimes block projection screens when explain, that has a certain impact on the quality of studying. The design of the projector allows mounting it on the wall, keeping the screen unobstructed.

All along, projectors have been used as equipment for conferences and teaching. With the continuous research of projector products in the business education field, the company created the best equipment for this purposes.

Make the teaching more exciting with APPOTRONICS (FengMi) products. Technologies will rule the future, won’t they?

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