AQARA Got About 1 Billion Yuan of Fundings

The manufacturer of Aqara Smart Home gadgets, Lumi, has been ecological chain partner of Xiaomi since 2015.

This company is the leading provider of IoT solutions in China. It is committed to building the Smart Device Platform with interconnected devices. It has mastered the manufacture of smart sockets with power consumption calculation, light switches, different amount of sensors (curtain controller, temperature sensor, human body sensor, etc.).

The first product “The Smart Home Kit” was released in 2015 and became the mass consumer product. Since that time Aqara has released more than 20 new devices.

And recently we have got the proof of its fast-growing popularity not only in China but all over the world.

The venture funds have evaluated the success of the company. They have provided the funding in the amount of 1 billion Yuan in the B-series of funding.

The B-series is a level of funding where the companies can get investments for the development of business, including the market entry.

Maybe this Chinese company wants to enter into the international market?

According to the latest information, the company will use this financing to establish the first innovation Smart Home “4S” channel model that includes Solution, Service, Sales and Survey.

The key to success of this company is that all the devices suit not only the single scenario of work. They interact with one another and provide the user with complete Smart Home experience. The brand engineers work hard to realize all the innovations and provide the maximum comfort and safety for you.

The company plans to work with about 500 service providers to build the service system in the next three years.

CEO of Aqara says that Smart Home System is used not only in the homes but also in public buildings like hotels and so on. According to the statistics, the installation of Smart Home products in hotels has helped to save from 20% to 40% of power consumption.

As you can see, comfort, usability, and development — the main principles of this brand.

The full assortment of smart gadgets produced by Aqara you can see here.

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Aqara need a control panel, similar to mi Home, but independient gadget