Aqara Water Leak Sensor — Device That Can Make the Whole Family Happy

Imagine a happy couple of newlyweds, who lock their new apartment, turn off electricity, shut off the water valve and go on a honeymoon. They return home and find themselves in the apparent flooded with water up to their knees — all because of the broken water pipe.

Or let’s imagine a man who is late for work on a hot summer day. He is in such a hurry that he forgets to close the window in a room. Then a major storm comes, the rain pours through the open window and damages the wood floor, the carpet, the cabinetry etc.

But just a small handy sensor can help prevent such problems. It is called Aqara Water Leak Sensor.

The sensor has a robust IP67-rated casing and is designed to alert you if there is a water leak in your house. You place it under a sink, by the washing machine, behind the toilet or at the window sill and it will active when it comes in contact with water. After that the sensor will immediately send a notification to your smartphone or trigger an audible alarm.

Aqara Water Leak Sensor is a device out of the MiJia ecosystem. It supports ZigBee protocol and can be connected to other ecosystem sensors via a gateway device, which means that if you sync it with, say, a smart Aqara socket and set up activation algorithm, in case of a leak the sensor will command the smart socket to stop power the electrical device connected to it. You can also use electric valves that will automatically shut off the water if the Sensor detects a leak.

Want to go on vacation but not sure whether water pipes are ready to be left without control? Place this compact gadget somewhere near and it will report back to you if there is a water leak. After that you can ask your neighbors or friends to check your apartment.

Our whole life consists of small things. Such a small, but reliable sensor can increase your happiness by alerting you of the water leakage and preventing from ruined carpets, warped wood floors, damaged furniture and mold.

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