Barco, Appotronics, and CFG Created Cinema Joint Venture

Global cinema experiences market is waiting for some changes. Belgium company Barco and Chinese companies Appotronics and CFG (China Film Co. Ltd) signed a cooperation agreement under the witness of China’s Prime Minister Mr. Li Keqiang and Belgian Prime Minister Mr.Charles Michel. The initial total investment amounted 100 million dollars.

This is a really historic moment. The joint venture between companies was called “Cinionic”

Cinionic — is the “symbol of future cinema technology”. Collaboration with Appotronics also means that ALPD laser film projection technology (invented by Appotronics) will went international.

But what is this technology about?

It represents a new generation of the laser source that grows rapidly. Currently, about 11000 sets have been deployed in China (about 20% of total domestic screens) and about 3000 sets have been deployed abroad.

ALPD has the features of high luminance, long lifetime and low energy consumption. To compare this technology with LED source the luminance has got a great improvement.

This year Appotronics released the ALPD 4.0 laser display technology that was implemented in the first “C5” digital cinema laser projector.

It is worth noting that China is the fourth country in the world with digital projectors with independent property rights.

This collaboration means that all the companies are joining the forces to provide high-quality cinema experience all over the world.

The companies are very proud to receive the honor from the Chinese and Belgian government.

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