Best Ceiling Light for the Kid’s Room by Yeelight

This eco-friendly kraft paper is the packaging of the Yeelight Smart LED Children Ceiling Light.

Yeelight Ceiling Light

The design allows easy transportation and carrying of device. On the top of the box there is a special sticker that shows the style of product in the box. You can choose between three different types of design: giraffe, chicken, and dinosaur.

Yeelight Ceiling Light sticker

The operation of light is available with remote control, included to the package and with a special mobile application for your smartphone. You can set up the timer and control the level of brightness.

Yeelight Ceiling Light

The ceiling light holder and the frame are made of aluminum alloy that provides its durability. The IP60 protection standard won’t let you worry about the dust during the long-term use.

Yeelight Ceiling Light construction

Each side of the ceiling light holder has a red lock switch.

Yeelight Ceiling Light

The ceiling light body and holder are connected with a coupler for power supply. The design is safe and practical. When the ceiling light is detached, the coupler is separated too and there is no danger of electric shock.

Yeelight Ceiling Light

The outer ring of the Yeelight Smart LED Children Ceiling Light holder is designed with eight long self-tapping screw fixing holes, two inner rings, and a large threading hole on the terminal block.

Yeelight Ceiling Light size

Just look at the accessories. In addition to manuals, two self-tapping screws (in different sizes) you will get the Bluetooth remote control in the packaging. The installation of children ceiling light won’t take more than a minute.

The minimalistic design of remote control with ON, OFF, CCT (Sun symbol), night light illumination (M), Brightness increase or decrease key (+ -) will provide and effecting operating of the device. The remote control uses CR2032 button battery, all the construction is lightweight.

The simple shape and interesting design can be naturally integrated into the every home interior.

Yeelight Ceiling Light

The system of control is quite flexible and is able to change the level of brightness up to 2000lm. Also, you can adjust the color temperature. You can choose between three variants from 2700K to 6500K. On the low level of brightness (0.1lm) and cold temperature 2700K the ceiling light will look like the moon.

Yeelight Ceiling Light App

The ceiling light has the 95 LEDs produced by the OSRAM Company. The LEDs has the Ra95 color index that provides more realistic color reproduction. The power of the ceiling light is 28W. According to the manufacturer’s information, the device can work about 25000 hours.

Yeelight Ceiling Light

Create the wonderland in the room. We are sure that your child will definitely like it.

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