Best Scooter for Kids by MITU

What makes the parents happy? Of course their happy children!

The MIOT Ecological Chain Company — MITU definitely knows the recipe of happiness. Their products for children are popular all over the world. And especially for 3-6 years old children they have launched MITU Scooter.

The vehicle is quite compact but heavy. So when your child wants to use it, the adult should accompany the process. The construction can be easily disassemble and assemble.

This model is a three-wheel scooter (2 front wheels and 1 rear). It provides a more stable position in a use. For small children with the weak balance, this design can give the greatest protection. The product also comes with two hex wrenches of different calibers. These two wrenches can adjust the angle of the front wheel.

The rear wheel was made wide to provide the good balance. You shouldn’t afraid that your child will roll over.

The wheels are made of high-quality and wear-resistant PU rubber. The layer of rubber is quite thick on the wheels (32mm for front wheels and 52mm for the rear). Moreover, the wheels can flash thanks to built-in LEDs.

The handlebar has three adjustments levels. The upper part of the handle is completely wrapped with soft rubber, which helps to avoid the bumps to child’s hands. The matte texture is very pleasant to touch.

Just imagine, the maximum load of this little tiny scooter is up to 50kg. In order to ensure the anti-slip effect, the MITU scooter is provided with a special anti-slip cover.

So, this is very well-designed but at the same time durable scooter. The model is available in three colors: yellow, pink and blue. Your child will be definitely glad.

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