BEVA Child Scooter – Lightweight and Compact!

One of the Xiami partners — Beva Company that specializes in the production of goods for children, pleased the fans of the Chinese ecosystem with a new children’s scooter.This three-wheeled “miracle scooter” will certainly please your child!

A bright, light and convenient device is designed for kids 3-10 years old. Moreover, the designers paid a special attention to the safety of using the scooter. BEVA specialists are the professionals and you can trust them the safety of your children.

So, the BEVA scooter is equipped with four levels of safety.

BEVA scooter

Handle of thermoplastic rubber (TPR)

The high quality of the TPR material and its practical properties will protect your child from the possible palms rubbing or other similar troubles.

BEVA scooter safety

Reliable main rudder rack

The thickness of the walls is 4 mm, the vehicle withstands a load of up to 50 kg. Made from aluminum, the scooter tube will reliably cope with even the most active ride of your child.

Good impact absorption

The fibrous structure makes the plastic of the scooters body and the wheels quite flexible, which provides improved absorption of any impacts.

BEVA scooter safety

Wide rear wheel

The width of the rear wheel of the scooter is 40 mm. This improves the anti-slip effect for better braking. The wheel is made of thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer (PU).

BEVA scooter wheels

The special design of the steering construction provides better control and helps your child to accelerate the learning of controlling the device. In addition, it can be adjusted in height (three positions, calculated for the different growth of the owner).

BEVA scooter 3 modes

Generally, about 46 parts were used to create the children’s scooter BEVA, which was completed after 35 process and control procedures.

As you can see, this children’s transport turned out to be wonderful! We are waiting for it in our store!

BEVA scooter

BEVA scooter

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