Beva Double-Sided Floor Mat — a Safe Play Area for Your Kid

When you have a little kid you always give a second thought as to whether this piece of clothing, or that apple or that toy is qualitative as possible to buy. Even picking a floor mat for a kid can be tiresome. It is natural as this is one of the items that your child will keep in contact with for a long time, so you should be 100% sure that it does not pose a threat for the child’s health.

Children’s health department in China carried out safety tests on the floor mats, produced by known companies in China. A total of 128 children’s mats were tested. Sadly, all of them contained harmful substances, like formamide. 38 mats had a formamide content of more than 200 mg/kg, which is allowed in the European Union and Taiwan. 6 mats had a formamide content of more than 1000mg/kg and one mat had the highest formamide content that reached 2206 mg/kg, which is more than 11 times the standard limit. As babies crawl all over these mats and often chew and suck on them, they are at a risk of getting skin and mouth irritation, and even lung infection since they are inhaling chemical substances that the mat is releasing.

So how do you buy a safe children’s playing mat? Today we recommend this double-sided non-slip floor mat from the world-class crawling mat production enterprise, which recently appeared on the Xiaomi’s crowdfunding platform. Beva is the leading maternal and child products company in China. Just imagine, its newly-designed mat managed to reach its crowdfunding goal just within 13 days.

One of the reasons for that is that the mat is absolutely harmless for the newborn, infants and older children because it does not contain formamide, formaldehyde, bisphenol A and heavy metals. Also since children move a lot and are prone to falling and bumping, Beva double-sided floor mat is made of non-toxic foam, which makes it soft to touch and allows to cushion the impact effectively if the baby falls. The mat is available in two thickness options: 12mm and 13mm. The thickness of 12mm roughly equals to the thickness of two iPhone 7 smartphones without a protective case. 13mm-mat is roughly equivalent to the thickness of eight one dollar coins.

In late autumn or in winter or you may be worried about the baby getting sick lying on the cold floor. The mat has a 7-layer structure that allows to block the moisture of the ground. And we did a small test to check how effective it is. Under the mat, we placed a frozen mineral water with a temperature of 8.78℃. The temperature of the mat was 25.59℃. Then we placed the mat on the ground with a temperature 26.94℃ and the surface of the mat was 28.01℃.

The size of the Beva double-sided floor mat is equivalent to the size of a carpet, but it's softer, easier to clean, it won’t shed and won’t accumulate stains. You can sit on it reading, resting, doing home fitness, yoga, and many other things. If you want to clean it just use a damp towel. You can go further and clean the surface of the mat with an eco-friendly and health-safe detergent, but rinse it thoroughly after that.

As a conclusion, we should say that if you want to give the baby a careful care this mat is a safe and secure choice.

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