Bill Gates Approves Xiaomi MiJia 360° Spherical Panoramic Camera

Last week MiJia fans had a topic for discussion. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates posted a photo made with MiJia 360° Spherical Panoramic Camera on his profile on Chinese microblogging website Weibo. (to see his panoramic photo click here)

Above the photo, he wrote: “Where do you like to read? This is one of my favorite places, where I can stay away from the hustle and bustle, immersed in a book world”.

The photo looks really impressive. Great window view, a panorama of working room with modern interior and of course Bill Gates itself.

This fact couldn’t be ignored, so Lei Jun commented on this photo and asked: “Hi, Bill. Do you like our MiJia Panoramic Camera?”

So it’s a good example that this camera will be suitable for everyone, even if you are the richest man in the world. What about sharing to the world your favorite places, or what do you like to do, or what are you doing now?

Why is this Panoramic camera so popular?

First of all for its compact size that will let you take it with you everywhere and every time. Two camera lens with 12MP sensor and 6-axis image stabilization will provide a high-quality panoramic photo. It sounds impressive but this small camera can make shots and video in 3,5K. The body is fully protected with an IP67 rating so it’s not afraid any dust or water.(Water-resistant doesn’t mean waterproof)

The special shape of lenses allows you to shoot in three modes. These are the flat mode, spherical mode(makes a photo with fish-eye effect) and “tiny planet” mode (when your photo looks like a small planet in the center of the photo).

In a package, you will also get a small handle ( very useful when you want to make a photo or a video while you are walking). This handle can become a tripod for shooting from one place for better stabilization.

Moreover, you can sync your camera with a special application. You can download it not only from Xiaomi Store but also from Google Play. With this application, you will be able to see everything that can see the camera lenses on your phone.

Just became a part of the modern world and show everyone what is going on around you. Share your adventure in a 360-degree view.

If you want to know more interesting details about MiJia 360° Spherical Panoramic Camera watch our review.

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