Breathe Easy: Xiaomi Showed MiJia Air Purifier pro with OLED Display

Xiaomi has been a beacon of progressive technologies, redefining our vision of healthy lifestyle. Its Smart Home line is not just a collection of fancy appliances. They have a serious “combat mission” — to ensure comfort, security and good mood for the owners.

A new product in the series, MiJia Air Purifier Pro, is no slouch. Comparing to the previous generation of air purifiers it became more powerful and got an OLED-display, the one used in Mi Band and Mi Note 2 smartphone.

MiJia Air Purifier Pro has been given a huge boost in the coverage area. It cleans the air in a room up to 60 m2 and filters around 500 m3 of air in an hour, expelling fresh air more thoroughly around the place.

A mounted in OLED-display shows air purification level in three colors: red (critical pollution), orange (permissible pollution) and green (clear air). Light sensor sitting next to the display highlights information, regulating intensiveness of illumination depending on the time of the day.

Sharp and the high-quality sensor detects particles sized 0.3 µm. MiJia Air Purifier removes any harmful substances including dust, hair and animal fur, paper and wood particles, plant fibers and other. MiJia app allows to control purifier remotely and set startup and shutdown time.

Imagine a clean and crisp scent of fresh air pervading the room. It tones up your body with every breath you take and clears your mind of doubt about your and your family’s health.

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