Bring KissKissFish Wherever You Go and You Will Not Feel Thirsty or Hungry

Imagine for a moment that you made a wonderful tea and took it with you in a thermos to work. A few hours later you got “tea-sick” and decided to have a tea-brake. But how would you know that the tea in the thermos was had a perfect drinking temperature? Should you take a swig to test it or wait till it cools down a bit? What should you do to make this

turn into this?

The answer is simple: replace your old thermos with the KissKissFish one. It has a built-in temperature sensor that allows you to keep track on the beverage temperature inside. To check whether your tea is still piping hot or whether you can already enjoy it, flip the thermos 180 degrees, hold it in this position for 3 minutes and flip it back. The accurate temperature will be shown on its display.

The KissKissFish thermos can also be useful for parents, who must know how heartbreaking it is to see their little one drinking a cold beverage or to not being able to tell whether the temperature is ready for the child to consume without burning its mouth.

There are a lot of other fancy tricks that the thermos has. You can store a hot and cold drink, juice or yogurt in there and be sure that they will stay at the same temperature for longer hours.

On top of that, the KissKissFish device has an original cap design that comes with a set of 3 irreplaceable nozzles: for brewing tea, for making detox-water and for cooking an egg. Yes, you can! Cook an egg with no green ring around the yolk and creamy innards or make a gooey soft-boiled egg — everything is just like you do it when you use a boiling pan.

Well, KissKissFish is not just a thermos after all! It can keep you refreshed and hydrated in summer, serve you with a cup of warm tea in winter and let you enjoy a egg like you prefer!

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