Bring Your Beard to the next Level with Handx Razor Set

What razor do you use for shaving? Manual or electric? What if manual? How many blades there are on your razor? One, three, five?

What about six ?! After all, so many blades are located on the hand razor, which is included in the set of Handx Razor Set, produced by the company of the MiJia ecosystem.

6-blade design effectively reduces the tugging and pulling effect, when compared with 5-blade razors.

So, what is included in the set, except, in fact, the razor itself? These are: razor blade mounted on a magnetic head for easy replacement with a water-soluble lubricating strip and an adapting shrapnel and L-type secondary blade for trimming, stand for the machine and shaving foam. Everything you need for a quality and comfortable process of getting rid of unnecessary mustaches or beards!

The quality of the shaver is beyond praise!

The razor blades are from German-made HITACHI steel — about 30 different production procedures take place to create one cassette!

Changing the shaving cassette is extremely simple — you will get a real pleasure from all aspects of using a razor. The creators of the set thought about all the little things!

One can say that razor — is a boring, overplayed gift. Handx Razor Set proves the opposite, not only with its classy appearance but also with impressive quality. Such a gift, without a doubt, will be appreciated by your friend, brother or the loved one!

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