Can a Simple RunMi 90 Points T-Shirt Become a Fashion Trend?

We tend to think that if a piece of clothing conforms to some rules of fashion then it should look fancy and extravagant, that it cannot stand the test of time and goes out of style pretty quickly. To some extent, it is so. But there is one clothing invention that will never get outdated. You have a dozen of these in your closet for sure. Already guessed what it is? Yes, it is a plain T-shirt.

Take a look at the Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. What is he wearing to his presentations and, as noticed, on a day to day basis? A gray T-shirt. And what about such eminent designers as Giorgio Armani or Alexander Wang? They are often seen wearing T-shirts as well. Have you ever wondered of what brand those T-shirts were? They could be made by RunMi, why not? 

RunMi strives to create really good clothes to make every customer happy. This statement fully applies to a diverse range of T-shirts of the 90 points brand.

Among the brand models, you will find both classic 100% cotton T-shirts and Tees, where 27% of the contents are antibacterial polyester fibers with increased moisture permeability. And this is just what RunMi 90 Points Antibacterial T-shirt is about, this hot weather staple. 

Thanks to the materials it is made of, this rounded-neck Tee has the antibacterial effect, not allowing harmful bacteria, which are a cause of allergies in the summer, to flourish on it. The most interesting part is that antibacterial effect remains after washing it for a couple of times!

How about Runmi 90 Points T-shirt for men. Its fabric does not fade, shrink or pill even after 50 washes. There are armpit inserts of special jacquard fabric that allow to absorb sweat. 

You can go on listing all the benefits of the RunMi T-shirts forever, but you get the main point. A basic T-shirt is the most classic of all classics. RunMi does its best to make its own T-shirts a timeless trend.

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