Case for Xiaomi Yi Action Camera

Every user Yi Cam thinks how to protect the favorite camera and variety of accessories. And how place them more convenient. You will find the answer in this review, because here we analyze the original Xiaomi case and two 3rd party products to find out which one is the best.

Original Xiaomi Yi Case

The material is soft and reliable. There are cut out holes to place all you need:

  • Yi Action Camera (without underwater case)
  • Underwater Case
  • Monopod and remote control
  • Tripod adapter
  • 2 screws
  • Handle grip

There is also a pocket with a zipper for other accessories, mounts and other useful things.

Advantages. The original Xiaomi Case has a perfect quality of material and design, where each detail stays on its place and each hole fits perfectly. It’s great for those who like to use camera without an underwater case.

Drawbacks. No hole for micro-SD card.

Telesin Yi Case

This case is designed especially for Xiaomi Action Camera and has cut outs for camera and accessories:

  • Yi Action Camera in underwater case
  • Extra Battery
  • Extra micro-SD card (in SD adapter)
  • Monopod with Remote Control
  • Spacious pocket for mounts, accessories etc.

Advantages. Case fits to the original accessories and the pocket for other accessories is large enough to put many accessories. This case is smaller and more convenient.

Drawbacks. This case hasn’t got a handle and you can’t take out the cut out holes. The quality of material isn’t really good, but it still can be a good organizer for your Yi Action Camera and accessories.

Kingma case

This case was designed for GoPro, not for Xiaomi Yi cameras. But you can still place all you need in cut out holes:

  • Yi Action Camera in case with an attached base plate
  • Extra Battery
  • SD card Adapter with micro-SD card
  • 2 holes for backpacks (LCD screen fits perfectly, but the battery backpack doesn’t)
  • Spacious pocket for mounts, accessories etc.

This case also has a net, but has no zipper. There is no place for monopod also, but you can put it in the pocket.

Advantages. This case is good for those who usually use camera with an underwater case and mounts. And if you use the LCD backpack, you will find a place for it, but the Battery Backpack hole doesn’t fit, so you can use it for other accessories or useful things.

Drawbacks. There is no place for Battery Backpack, so you have to find another place for it. The pocket hasn’t got a zipper, so small details can be lost.


So, thoroughly analyzing, we decide that:

  1. Orirginal Yi Case
  2. Kingma Case
  3. Telesin Case

If you have all original accessories and Yi Action Camera the best choice for you is original case, because each hole is formed especially for Yi Camera and accessories. It’s really good to save the camera and the case separately. And there is a high quality of material.

Telesin case is good for you if you have only a camera and a monopod. Case has a large pocket for accessories, mounts etc. It’s smaller, but hasn’t got a handle.

Kingma case made for another brand GoPro, but you can also use for your Yi set, because the camera and accessories fit well to each hole, except the Battery Backpack.

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