Charge Up: New Portable Battery Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2 10000 mAh

Cold weather will be coming very soon. Our gadgets are as vulnerable to it as we are: phone battery charge can drop low after a single call. The good news is Xiaomi has recently initiated sales for a product, which will revive your device after extremely cold temperatures or active usage.

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2 can give a quick energy shake for your device while you are on the way to work. Usable battery capacity is 6900 mAh, which enables to charge a mobile device at 100 % more than 2 times. You do not need to worry that your gadget will turn into a brick in the middle of the day.

New Xiaomi accessory is very compact and lightweight (130×71×14.1 mm, 217 grams). A stylish anodized aluminum body protects Power Bank 2 from scratches and dents. 4 LED indicators show charge level and remind when you should fill the gap. Due to Qualcomm Quick Charge technology, it is possible to restore it back to full capacity in 6–7 hours.

Mi Power Bank 2 is powered with a Li-Pol battery. It will be less likely to overheat and has a low self-discharge rate. USB-A, Micro USB and USB Type-C ports work with a bunch of your favorite gadgets: from iPhone to cameras.

Xiaomi is called a “Chinese Apple” for a reason. It has a strong ability to fulfill the growing demands of users and release upmarket devices. External battery Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2 assures a long trouble free life for your gadgets and will become a reliable partner for traveling.

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