Charpa Blanket Will Help You To Cope With Insomnia

Our modern life makes us forget about the important things sometimes. All we know that the quality of sleep affects the efficiency of working and studying.

And sometimes for many people it is quite complicated to fall asleep fast. In these situations, the important is not only the environment (the noise and temperature level) but also the bedding like mattresses, pillows and so on. How often do you feel hot or feel cool during the night time? Are you still worrying about insomnia?

Now you should relax because Xiaomi has launched at the Crowdfunding Platform the Charpa blanket.

This is the new product of Xiaomi Ecosystem — the double sided Charpa Temperature Control Blanket that can regulate the temperature for comfortable sleep.

According to the manufacturer’s information, the ideal room temperature is 26 ℃. The Charpa Blanket maintains this comfort level of temperature.

The filler of the blanket is 28% cellulose fibers and 72% polyester. It has the antistatic, antibacterial and hygroscopic characteristics.

Let’s look at the unboxing of the blanket!

The packaging is made of eco-friendly materials. The box is easy-open with a big CHARPA logo on it. Moreover, you can see the product parameters (in Chinese).

The smart blanket is made of 100% cotton and additionally has the fibers that carry out the thermoregulatory function. These fibers were produced by Beijing Cosmos Space Technology Corporation that is the partner of “China Astronaut Research and Training Center”

In the packaging, you will find the user manual and desiccant that can absorb the moisture during the transportation.

The user manual represents the information about the materials, the results of testing and the certification of the product.

The blanket is available in four variations depending on the size and weight.

The most portable variant with a weight of 1 kg has the length 1,5m. The next model has the weight 1.15kg and 2m length. The third type of size has the length 1.5m and 2kg weight. The biggest model has the weight 2,25kg and 2m length.

And below there are some of the most popular questions about the Charpa Blanket.

— How to use the Charpa temperature control?

Before you go to bed you should create the necessary temperature conditions using the special devices like air conditioners, fans, electric heaters. It helps to cool down or warm up the indoor environment and the temperature control of blanket will be maintained it for a long time.

— How to wash and store it?

Wash it in low temperatures, do not use the bleach. Hang it in a cool and ventilated place to dry. When the blanket is dry and folded it is recommended to keep it in a cool and well-ventilated place to avoid the dampness.

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