Check Your Blood Sugar Level Without Checking Your Blood with IHealth Smart Glucose Meter

Many of us believe that diabetes is the illness of elderly people, when, in fact, it can and does occur in any age. For example, Type 1 diabetes is more commonly diagnosed in younger people. It is said, but once you have it will never go away. Unfortunately, mankind has not yet come up with a cure for it. Thus to keep your body in healthy condition, insulin must be taken every day to help the body use sugars in the food you eat. If insulin is not taken in enough doses, your eyes, kidneys, heart, blood vessels, nerves may suffer from dysfunction.

There are many reasons how a person can develop diabetes. If a parent has diabetes, the risk of developing it in the child is high. If a person is overweight it also puts at a risk of developing the disease. Along with overweight, physical inactivity is one of the other factors that promote the development of the illness.

Therefore, young people should always pay attention to their own blood glucose status. However, measuring blood sugar is not as convenient as measuring body temperature. At this time, you may need a smart blood glucose measurement tool: iHealth Smart Glucose Meter.

iHealth Smart Glucose Meter is a brand new health device in the Xiaomi ecosystem. As long as you have a smartphone, iHealth Smart Glucose Meter can be inserted into the headphone jack and be used without a doctor by your side. It can measure the glucose level, record change in the measurements and keep them in the app. No need Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other complex settings.

The tool needs only 5 seconds to identify your blood glucose value. All the data you can keep in the storage cloud and then upload in the app to see the trend. You do not need to write everything into notebooks and then be afraid to lose them. You have an option to export results in Excel, PDF, or CSV file and send it to your doctor or family member and allow them to see how good your health is.

iHealth Smart Glucose Meter has won CES, Red Dot Award and iF Award. It has a compact and portable body, being only slightly larger than a dollar coin, thus can be easily put into the pocket. The device comes with two CR1620 button batteries, each providing up to 1000 measurements.

As we can see, iHealth Smart Glucose Meter is a portable and very useful glucose meter that can display the readings of your glucose level in the user-friendly app, allows to monitor, store and share the results anytime.

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