CIGA Design – Mechanical Beauty in Modern Design

For every man, the details like watches, belts, and ties are the best characteristics of style.

But however, it is not necessary to spend your entire budget for an expensive watch. And this alternative is available at Xiaomi Crowdfunding platform. The Mechanical Watches are produced by Xiaomi Ecological Chain Partner — CIGA Design Company.

What are their features?

The first point, of course, is the design. The double-sided hollow design is one of its highlights. In order to realize the full visual effect, the designers have created an innovative connection design of the structure, which gives an unobstructed view of the mechanical beauty. These watches were also awarded the 2017 German Red Dot Design Award.

The mechanical watches in some way are a sign of seriousness and conservative. But CIGA Design successfully ruins these stereotypes.

The model is available in black and silver color variations.

Just choose your perfect one. In addition to this, the model is supplied in custom-made gift boxes so it can become a great present.

Good-looking mechanical watches can become a key to your success.

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