Come visit Xiaomi!

Despite the fact that Mi company is considered to be the one of world leaders in sales of electronic equipment, it is not as easy to find Mi products on store shelves. It is hard even in China – the place where they are produced. The secret lies in the company’s method of goods distribution.

The main volume of sales is performed online. This is why there are just a few company stores where customers can hold Mi products in their hands and press their buttons.

However, there exists at least one big showroom with Mi products. It is situated in Beijing, near the company’s office.

The showroom represents different kinds of devices produced by Mi company alongside with a plenty of accessories, toys and other related items with the company’s logo.

Herewith you cannot buy Mi4, Mi3 or Redmi without a pre-order in online store. However, Mi Pad is fully accessible not only for testing, but also for purchasing.

In the showroom you can hear the music coming from Mi acoustic systems. Moreover, there are special rooms for experiencing all the TV features.

The only way to pay for your purchase is through UnionPay system working only in China. Take this fact into consideration when visiting the world of  Xiaomi technologies.

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