Comfort and Beauty of Your Home with Xiaomi Flower Stand

When you have a lot of flowers in your house it is not only provide more oxygen into the room, but also pleases the eye. The bright flower in a beautiful pot will become a great addition to the interior.

The more flowers you have — the more visual effect you get. Especially, if they beautifully organized. Xiaomi on its Crowdfunding Plattform launched the Flower Stand released to the Mid-Autumn Festival in China.

This is a time when the whole family members meet together for a supper. And it does not matter at all where are all the family members are, in which country and in which place of the world. This time everyone should come back and have a meeting with a family. So thats why every hostess want to decorate the house for this traditional celebration and a flower stand will become a good choice for that.

The material of the stand is the bamboo. The design looks quite simple without any excesses. But when you put the pots with flowers it will certainly take all the attention of your quests.Moreover, the stand has a folding structure, so you can easily change its location in the room or transport it without any difficulties.

Create a cosiness, beauty and harmony in your home with a Xiaomi Bamboo Flower Stand.

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