Congratulations to Xiaomi! Xiao Ai Reached 30 Million Monthly Active Devices!

The 15th of August is a very extraordinary day for Xiaomi! Lei Jun announced that Xiao Ai’s monthly active devices exceed 30 million. This amount is 500% more than it was half a year ago.

The AI voice assistant was “summoned” about 1 billion times previous month and the total “summoned” amount is over 5 billion.

Impressive results! But how did the company reached such big results? How did it begin? Let’s remember!

Xiao Ai is an intelligent voice interactive system owned by Xiaomi. The first device that has got this system was Mi TV, presented in 2017. The process of controlling the TV became as simple as never before. Later, Xiao Ai gradually used in many Xiaomi devices like smartphones, portable AI speakers, Mi Bunny toys and other equipment. Now, there are already hundreds of devices that can interact with AI.

By the end of July, more than 100 million MIOT smart devices have been linked to Xiao Ai. For example, using AI voice control you can switch the desk lamp, let the robot vacuum cleaner clean the room, adjust the air conditioning temperature and even help you with cooking.

Is Xiao Ai dedicated to serving only young people? Of course not! It can spend countless time with older adults and children. For example, it has told about 44.3million hours of children’s stories. This amount is equivalent to a person who has been talking for more than 5000 years.

You can ask it for everything! Ask for check the time, control the sound, tell jokes or ask the name of the singer. Your imagination is unlimited.

Xiaomi AI is a future! Are you still in a doubt about it? The 500% growth for the past 6 months is a proof. This system is one of the important parts of MIOT Ecological Chain. Keep it up, Xiaomi!

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