Cottonsmith Underwear – Everyday Comfort in Traditional Forms

The underwear is an essential part of our daily life. The history of panties dates back to the earliest days of human civilization when people could wear only the leaves.

ancient times

The fashion trends of underwear we also can see on the Ancient Egyptian mural.

Ancient Egyptian mural

On 19th January 1935, the first triangular underwear has appeared in the market.

Sumo wrestlers

Since that time, the history of underwear has had a lot of changes and improvements.

the history of underwear

This picture shows the basic visual history of modern underwear changes. What should we expect in the future?

The daily choice of underwear also has some of the requirements.

Cottonsmith Underwear

The main thing is, of course, the natural materials like the cotton or linen. These materials are not irritating to the human body and can reduce some skin problems like the rash and itching.

Cottonsmith Underwear

The underwear shouldn’t create any discomfort for you, and you should feel free. The Cottonsmith Underwear is made of the material with Wicking Windows technology. These technologies in combination with ordinary cotton fabrics provide the moisture absorption capacity of 1400%.

The fabric consists of 95% cotton that has a USA certification.

USA certification

This material provides the soft, delicate and comfortable experience.

Xiaomi takes care of the health of its fans because high-quality underwear is not only the deal of hygiene but also of health.

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