Countdown Has Begun: Xiaomi Made Its First Camera Stabilizer — Yi Handheld Gimbal

In a situation when video recording promises to be a shaky-hand experience you would want to have additional stabilizing tools apart from what the camera itself can already offer to end up with a completely bounce-free footage. Gimbal is what you need.

Some time ago camera stabilizers were too expensive and cumbersome, obtainable only by popular film studios or professional camera operators. Now they are made much more compact and affordable so that every budding filmmaker or a blogger can shoot like a pro.

Xiaomi also managed to jump on the gimbal bandwagon and designed a handheld electronic one together with its partner Yi. It is driven by a brushless motor and has a set of precise gyroscopes. They help to respond to your slightest movement and use the motor to stabilize the camera. Even if you are running or racing a horse the image will not give out a hint of disturbance. Yi handheld gimbal has 3-axis stabilization and comes with 3 modes that enable to shoot from various angles and heights.

The device is compatible with all Yi action cameras and other camera models as well as smartphones. You will find a 1/4-inch mounting hole so accessories such as a tripod or a selfie stick can be attached. It is also equipped with two batteries 850 mAh each allowing to shoot for about 4.5 hours non-stop.

Main characteristics:

  • 3-axis handheld camera stabilizer
  • pan axis range: —160° ~ +160°
  • roll axis range: —42° ~ +42°
  • tilt axis range: —160° ~ +160°
  • runtime: up to 4,5 hours
  • battery capacity: 850 mAh
  • connectivity: micro-USB port (for charging)
  • mount: 1/4-inch thread
  • dimensions: 95×77×75 mm
  • weight: 210 g

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