diiib Safety Thermostatic Shower Set – Best Choice For Your Bathroom

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Let’s get acquainted with the full capabilities of this Reddot Award winner!

Can set up the safety temperature of 40 degrees

The ideal temperature can be produced at once. diiib safety thermostatic shower set has adopted VERNET thermostatic cartridge imported from France, which stands for excellent sensitivity, accuracy and is well known in the Thermostat Industry.

Quick response in 2 seconds, temperature control with accuracy up to 1℃.

A thermostatic shower valve mixes the hot and cold water supplies to achieve the chosen temperature. It ensures the water temperature will remain constant. It doesn't matter whether the shower is situated - on the lower or higher floors. It doesn't matter what the water pressure is - stable or not.

The diiib thermostatic shower will not keep you waiting too long.

Once the shower is turned on, a thermostatic cartridge will quickly mix the hot and cold water supplies. In a few seconds, you can enjoy your shower, without waiting the cold water becomes warmer.

If you turn the tap off and then you want to continue showering again, you can simply get the same water temperature you set before.

Thermostatic shower set always pays attention to safety.

It uses physical temperature control technology. When it comes to high temperature, it prevents scald by quickly cutting off the water.

In addition, you can also use the function of locking temperature to lock the temperature within the safe temperature of 40 ℃.

All the main parts, shower hoses and other accessories of diiib thermostatic shower adopts scald-free design. So enjoy the shower!

3 Spray Settings

The handheld shower has 3 water spray settings: energetic, massage and rain-like spray and each one give you a different shower vibe: gentle touch with soft spraying; press spraying for a comfortable and refreshing feeling; quick showering.

You can easily shift among these three settings to get a spa-like relaxation.

Cleaning after a shower is easy thanks to fan-shaped spraying.

The hidden button inside the shower head activates fan-shaped spraying with the strength like a car pressure washer. It can easily reach hard-to-reach places to clean your bath or shower stall.

The 234mm water surface provides a rain-like spray and refreshing feeling.

The shower set provides a balanced water distribution to every single water spray hole. The position of each water hole is carefully chosen to ensure a full spray of 76 water spray holes.

The lower faucet is also thermostatic. You can switch lower thermostatic faucet by rotating it.

Besides, diiib safety thermostatic shower set shows excellent design in every detail.

The self-cleaned shower head is protected from bacterial breeding.

diiib always hopes that more users will enjoy the best products. That’s why they strictly select materials, and also strictly control the overall price of the products. The cost-effective thermostatic shower set will definitely enable more users to experience the happiness of showering!

This product adheres to the product design philosophy of "impressive and affordable". Now you can say goodbye to the irritating waiting of ideal water temperature in the shower.

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