Dr. Tony Toothpaste 0+: You Do Not Have to Call a Doctor After You Eat It

When we were little, our parents wanted us without really explaining why to spit the toothpaste into the sink after we brushed our teeth and then rinse our mouth thoroughly. And we were just bursting with curiosity about finding out whether the toothpaste actually tasted the way it smelled.

Our parents had worries not without a reason. Back then it was not easy to find a safe toothpaste that did not contain hormones, artificial colors, preservatives and other chemical additives. If you happened to see a chamomile extract among the toothpaste’s ingredients, it would probably be listed somewhere in the last place, which meant you got a tiny dose of it.

Many years later, today, in the times of versatility of all and a huge progress in the sphere of personal health & care, you still have to be Sherlock Holmes to find good quality toothpaste among the infinite number of them. Do not worry, the mission is possible. For example, one of Xiaomi partners has made a toothpaste that is safe even for little kids and pregnant ladies.

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A few words about chemical ingredients in food and cosmetics

In the late 60s in the USSR scientists tested the influence of the amaranth on health. Amaranth was a synthetic element used in the food and cosmetics back then as a dye. Unfortunately, the only thing it had to do with a plant of the same name, which is, by the way, extremely valuable for human health, was the color. After several tests, the scientists found out that the element could influence fertility, provoke birth defects and was even linked to cancer. Since late 70s amaranth was banned in USSR and USA and was classified as a carcinogen.

A lot of other synthetics dyes, preservative components, and harmful additives are still legal in many countries. They can not only become a reason for mild allergies and headaches but also cause ulcers, inflammation of internal organs etc. Pregnant women and infants should avoid food and cosmetic additives in the first place.

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Science experiment with Dr. Tony Toothpaste 0+ that shows its quality

Here is how you can see with your own eyes that Dr. Tony Toothpaste 0+ is much more qualitative than ordinary toothpaste. We offer you to make a little science experiment at home. Squeeze a portion of ordinary toothpaste and a portion of Dr. Tony Toothpaste 0+ side by side into the metallic spoon. Hold the spoon over the alcohol lamp for a few minutes. Dr. Tony Toothpaste 0+ will not change its color, while ordinary toothpaste will turn black and taste unusual. This is an indicator that this toothpaste has preservatives.

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What else is so special about Dr. Tony Toothpaste 0+

The toothpaste has an appealing fresh mint aroma and taste that, as suggested, will stay with you for 3–4 hours after you brush your teeth. The manufacturer used the services of a professional perfumer to develop three different toothpaste tastes.

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Dr. Tony Toothpaste 0+ also does not use hydrogen peroxide or any other chemical bleach for teeth whitening that could increase teeth sensitivity. Fine abrasive particles in the toothpaste carefully remove plaque, dirt, and stains without causing damage to the enamel. A special formula allows to squeeze a small amount of it to have enough foam.

We recommend Dr. Tony Toothpaste 0+ as another great contribution to your and your family’s health!

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