Electric Screwdrivers Wowstick 1FS and Wowstick 1S — Which One Is Better?

If your friend is a serious entrepreneur or a writer — it`s a good idea to make him a present like a Parker Pen. Or if he likes to work with devices or fix them — an ideal present for him will be an electric screwdriver Wowstick. With a big amount of nozzles, it will become a great find for a person who likes fixing everything in devices. And of course, we must make a test-review of this item. For the test, we have got two models of Wowstick screwdrivers — 1FS and 1S (the earlier model).


All the complectation of Wowstick 1S you will get in carton box. To protect the package manufacturer add a special plastic case with the air inside. Also in a box you can find a fun card with a drawing of the evolution process — from the primates to Homo sapiens. In addition to the packaging is a special magnetic desk (dimensions are 14.7×8.9cm). It is very convenient because you shouldn’t afraid of losing some small details anymore. For this model, there is English and Chinese user manuals.

In a box there is a special section where you finally find a screwdriver and the second section under it. What is inside? A big arsenal of tools will be waiting for you in this special section. 7 nozzles for Apple devices, docking station for charging, 2 USB/Micro USB cables in a form of tapeline. Main nozzles are placed in a docking station section. The packaging of Wowstick 1FS is different from the older Wowstick 1S and it is more budget model. You will also get the device in a cartoon box with additional stylish case, which looks like a glasses case. It’s an perfect variant for a present. Inside the box with Wowstick 1FS you will find 6 special nozzles (PH000, PH1, SL1.5, SL3.0, T5, T6), and extending nozzle. The user manual is only in the Chinese language.


The construction of screwdrivers is simple — in general, it looks like a pen, but very stylish one. Both two models of Wowstick have the same size — 17.2×1.5 cm. The body of devices are made of anodized aluminum which makes them very durable. This material perfectly keeps the aesthetic look of the device from corrosion and pleasant to touch. The nozzles are made of S2 steel alloy with high hardness, so they are very strong.

Wowstick 1FS has a two-way button, which you can use for twisting and mounting screws. Wowstick 1S with built-in lithium-ion battery (can be charged with docking station from the package). If we are talking about docking station it can be charged by devices with USB like PC or powerbank etc.

Both models have a reliable ratchet, so you can work with them not only in automatic mode but also in manual. The nozzle will be reliably fixed and won’t fall during the work.

Technical characteristics

The work of Wowstick 1FS is possible thanks to two AAA batteries. The manufacturer says that the level of this batteries will be enough for 8 hours of work, while in Wowstick 1S the lithium-ion battery will work about 10 hours.

The rate of torque is 0.2/3 Nm and the device works with a rotation speed of 100 revolutions per minute. We can make a decision that these screwdrivers are intended for working with small-size screws like in a PC, smartphones or tablets.

Practical use

In this screwdrivers, everything elaborated on a high level from materials to the construction. They have small weight so it’s very comfortable to hold in a hand. As we have said earlier Wowstick can’t help you to cope with fixing of some home appliances or for example to mount a screw in a wall. But they will help you to fix your smartphone or sunglasses frames. They are ideal for a kind of work that should be very accurate. The nozzle will be able to get into every hard-to-reach places, so you shouldn’t suffer from the mistakes in choice of proper tool. Space-saving design and a special case — everything for you. Now you shouldn’t wait for somebody who will help you to fix your breakage. It’s also ideal to get it with you in traveling. The little box with nozzles have a special magnetic anchorage and they won’t fall down even if you turn it on the upside-down.Three high-quality LED-flashlights highlights the area of work that is very useful.Wowstick 1S model has a special cap which is a schematic of nozzles. So now it’s very easy to find a property nozzle by the code.

Magnetic mat will protect you from losing the screws which are very valuable. If the standard complectation is not enough for work you can buy the additional sets.

There are three variants of sets available to buy:

  • Wowbits-C (green marking) — are the most circulated anchorages
  • Wowbits-S (black marking) — special set of anchorages if you are work as an expert in fixing gadgets.
  • Wowbits-A (blue marking) — anchorages for Apple devices (iPhone, iPad etc.)

There are 7 encourages in every box. It opens very easily, just press on the cap. The tapeline of the 1S model is very comfortable and the length of cable is enough for work.


The Screwdrivers Wowstick 1FS and Wowstick 1S are very practical with functionality that is suitable for everyday use. Both two models are worthy of attention thanks to stylish packaging and laconic design. And all of this in a body, that is not bigger than the usual pencil in a size.

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