Elite Chineese Tea on Xiaomi Crowdfunding Plattform

Tea is a beverage that many of us can associate with warmth and comfort. For many years scientists and nutritionists tell us that tea is not only delicious but also very healthy.

It helps to regulate the level of sugar in a blood and will help people who have diabetes. In low concentration, tea can be sedative and in high can replace the energetic drink. But all the benefits of tea are not only about its healthy features. Drinking of tea is a special interesting ritual.

And recently Xiaomi Crowdfunding Platform impresses us by launching the mix of five different types of tea. What is more, it is not only the usual tea — this is a mix of high-quality traditional leaf Chinese tea. In this set you can find these five types of tea:

  • Longjing tea
  • An Ji Bai Cha
  • Bai Hao Yin Zhen
  • Jin Zhai Cui Mei
  • Da Hong Pao

Let’s know about them more.

Green Longjing tea — luxury kind of Chinese tea which is also known as the leader among the different types of green tea for its unique taste, characteristics, and aroma. The leafs of tea are light green and after brewing gives tart of nut and vanilla.

The second representative of the tea set is white An Ji Bai Cha with its tender smell which certainly will be remembered by you. This kind of tea is not the mass-market type. Picking of this tea is a painstaking process.

White tea Bai Hao Yin Zhen which name is also “Silver needle” will like white tea fans. This tea is one of the best for the prevention of oncology and general rejuvenation.

Jin Zhai Cui Mei is a luxury red tea with its original chocolate tart which has a smell of prune.

Da Hong Pao (the second name is “Big red robe”) — the high-fermented tea with an interesting story. Mysterious aroma with the rich taste.

Xiaomi Crowdfunding platform managed to gather the unique mix which allows you not only to see but also to estimate the top types of Chinese tea. We are sure that among this five variants you will certainly find your favorite. Moreover, this tea will be a good reason to organize traditional tea party with friends.

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