Exquisite Pale Green Porcelain Bowl from FINEMADING

Way back when jade dishes were used by the Imperial court. These insanely beautiful items were very expensive and difficult to produce. Then the Chinese craftsmen tried to create a material as majestic as jade, but simpler and cheaper. And so was the exquisite, world famous pale green Chinese porcelain made.

FINEMADING — is a creative studio that produces elite ceramics. It has already introduced a Planet Cup to us, the elite porcelain cup, and continues to please fans of the Chinese porcelain. A new masterpiece of the artists of the studio, a Banana Bowl, is set of two bowls manufactured from authentic pale green porcelain.

Soups, main dishes, fruits, berries — you can put anything into these elite bowls! They will turn any meal into a banquet! The volume of the larger bowl is 450 ml, and the smaller one is 300 ml. They will fit in any kitchen!

Perhaps you would like to know how the Chinese artists from Jingdezhen managed to create such bowls with such an interesting color. Well, it took a lot of time and energy! The bowls are made of classic blue and white Chinese porcelain, covered with celadon glaze, which gives the blows a greenish tint, making it look like an imperial jade.

The production of Chinese porcelain has a long history. It flourished during the reign of the Song Dynasty. They say that the great Emperor Song Zhao Heng was fond of porcelain and highly appreciated the artists who could create real porcelain masterpieces.

The designers from the FINEMADING studio were able to improve the classical methods of porcelain manufacture. Previously when makers added celadon to the blue and white porcelain, the colors would not always mix completely. Thanks to modern technologies, the artists at FINEMADING can avoid this trouble by making cups of exquisite color.

Besides quality and form, the craftsmen also paid attention the thickness of the bowls. They did their best to make these wonderful porcelain bowls extremely about 3 mm.

That is how modern porcelain manufacturers not without a help of the methods of antiquity masters are able to share the greatest achievements of China’s porcelain craftsmanship with you.

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